adult, full version

I was reading an article on Lifehacker about a Chrome App that would insert comparison numbers into your web surfing – such as shopping. It was an intriguing idea but not, I think, personal enough.

More helpful for me would be something like do I really need that pastry board when it costs roughly the same as three months of coffee?.

No, probably not.

But the best part was the comments.



4 thoughts on “adult, full version”

    1. It could be helpful. I’m generally pretty responsible in my spending – until I am not sleeping and become really impulsive. Right now, my impulsiveness is pretty much limited to $2-3 Kindle books but even that needs to be watched.

      It was funny, most of the other comments were focused on the item (a fiber optic cable) and how much it cost and what they would do instead. Pretty much no one was focused on the app.


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