practicing peace

If you’re interested in meditation and Pema Chödrön, the Pema Chödrön Foundation is having a Birthday Retreat on Sunday, July 14, 2013, in honor of her 77th birthday.

Since people will be participating from all over the world, there’s no set time to begin the retreat. You can take part by meditating during the time that best suits you in your time zone, whether it is for a few hours, or entire day. This could be done alone at home, or together with friends. You might consider having a meal together and sharing favorite quotes or teachings during the retreat.

They’re going to make available a videotaped teaching just for the retreat so that may be a good reason for signing up right there.


4 thoughts on “practicing peace”

  1. That is also my SIL’s birthday(I will have to meditate to make sure I don’t say a bunch of cross words to her–she’s very self-centered) and also the French national holiday. What are you going to do?


    1. I’m going to let the teaching for the day guide me on what I want to meditate on. I enjoyed what I listened to on her teachings so far, want to listen to them again and do the exercises. Finding a quiet time where meditating isn’t just going to put me to sleep is an issue at the moment.


  2. What a charming idea to meditate with the world. Will put it on my calendar… which sounds all wrong, doesn’t it? One shouldn’t need to schedule in spiritual guidance!


    1. I thought it was a very lovely idea – to be connected to thousands of people around the world with a common meditation for peace.


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