less than a week left…

…for Google Reader. I’ve been using Feedly and as I’ve gotten used to it, I may actually like it better than Google Reader. It was connected to Reader but in the last few days has migrated to the cloud. I got an email about how to configure it to be most similar to Reader early on, but I find I rather like the magazine view. It’s worth checking out if you are still looking for a Reader replacement.

I am also using igHome – an iGoogle replacement that is the most similar to iGoogle that I have found. Remember that iGoogle goes away next fall and I like having my mail, twitter, facebook, weather, newsfeed, and other apps all on the same homepage. It also links to Feedly. It is a little slower than iGoogle and I may still find something I like better but I like it better than any of the others I’ve tried.

Please, if you’ve found alternatives, let me know in the comments. These are okay so far but I’m not married to them.


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  1. I’ve meant to try feedly but haven’t. I’ve been using Bloglovin whose title I HATE, but I love the interface, which is easy for me to use.


    1. I think it was blogvines I looked at and hated. I’ll have to take a look at bloglovin. Easy is good. Feedly isn’t hard but it took some tweaking.


  2. I’ve been using Bloglovin and it’s okay. The thing that I don’t like is that there is no way that I can find to break out of the frame around each blog post. So when I comment, I am leaving a trail within bloglovin. I don’t like that.

    I also set up a Feedly account & like it very much. But I cannot get directly into my account without first telling it to go to Google Reader and get my links. So, I don’t know if I’m going to lose everything next Monday– or if that is the way Feedly works until next Monday.

    I am wondering what to do after iGoogle homepage goes away. I’ve used it from the first moment I laid eyes on it. *sigh* What are you going to replace it with?


    1. Heya Ally. I had a green bar on the top of my feedly page that told me to migrate my feed to the cloud. Found some information for you on the feedly blog http://blog.feedly.com/2013/06/19/feedly-cloud/ that might help. Basically it just tells you to go to cloud.feedly.com and login there on all your devices.

      By the way, once you migrate to the cloud, marking something read in Reader will (of course, why didn’t I realize that?) not mark them read in Feedly.

      I’m trying http://www.igHome.com for iGoogle. It’s similar but I’m not entirely happy with it yet and I’ll be continuing to look. It’s really more that some of the apps don’t work well. And I was feeling that it wasn’t as pretty – and just discovered you can choose a theme for it. Silly but that helps. There is a Feedly link in the header which I like.


      1. Thanks for the link. It seems like there’s something not right with how my browser and Feedly are talking with each other. Will start researching the cloud feature.

        Will also look at igHome. At least I have months and months to worry about that!


  3. I keep thinking this Google Reader thing is going to be like Classic Coke. It will be gone for one week, and then Google will respond to the public outcry and bring it back – slightly modified and with different terms of agreement.


    1. I’m wondering about that too, Suzette. But Google has been dumping it’s non money-makers right and left. There is some talk of being able to replace iGoogle with their website builder – but that costs money. We’ll see what happens.

      And nice to meet you. I was just taking a look at your site. I would spend so much time talking about food, cooking, etc., that I started another site for it. I’ve been thinking about Bittman’s plan but, at least for now, I’m working on cooking more and eating a more balanced diet. Not worrying about weight for the next while. Just working to stay away from the junk.


  4. Good post Zazzy; but I am wondering since iGoogle is closing, indeed any valid replacement is welcome. But, in my opinion why settle with just a replacement?
    If you want a real upgrade that add value to your startpage, I warmly recommend to everyone, to try http://www.startific.com
    It’s a brand new platform, and an upgrade from so many points of views.


    1. I don’t normally approve obvious advertisements, but since some of us are searching for an iGoogle replacement, I decided to allow this. I did, however, spend some time playing with Startific last night while I couldn’t sleep and I don’t think it will work for me to replace iGoogle.

      It’s more a bookmark page than anything else. It claims you can add icons so I added one for NOAA which did not show up. The widgets, except for FaceBook and Twitter, are useless. The weather widget has no way I could find to personalize it. It’s set for Newton (California?) and there may be a way to change that but I can’t find it. It is cute but I don’t know where the weather is coming from. [Ha! I found some information, it is a NWS feed but is for Newton, Kansas – with palm trees in the background? Apparently Newton, Kansas is the closest location to me? Only 226 miles away!]

      The calculator widget can not use the keyboard to input, I’d rather use my computer’s calculator. Perhaps that would be a nice feature on a tablet.

      Don’t get me started on the newsfeed. And I don’t really want a bookmarks page but I suppose it makes up for not having the ability to add links to the front page. Sort of. There’s no Feedly icon and no RSS reader of any sort.

      It’s not for me. I’m going to guess it’s still early in development. Perhaps it will get better.


  5. By the way, I’ve been playing with a bunch of different iGoogle alternatives. Some are no better than Yahoo or MSN, some come close but don’t have the widgets I want (Netvibes, Protopage).

    I found that igHome has an import function found in the left hand side of the choose theme link. You can import your settings – especially helpful if you have multiple iGoogle tabs – from iGoogle. Not perfect but except for the RSS reader, which none of these alternatives seems to have a widget for, igHome remains my favorite.

    Feedly, by the way, has a Chrome extension (https://chrome.google.com/webstore/category/extensions) that you can add to your chrome toolbar which I like better than the app which goes on your app page.


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