phone wars

Well last night was fun. A CNA at the nursing home called and let Dad use her cell phone. He was really, really confused, insisting alternately that I come downstairs to talk to him, that he was home, that he knew he was in Cassville – would I just LISTEN? – and that he would be home in a few minutes. He insisted that I call him back – did I know the number because the nursing home wouldn’t give him the number – and that he has a phone in his room but he couldn’t get it to work.

So, I called the desk and they reported that he had been really agitated, banging on the door again. I did remind them that he had permission to call me when he wants, I think they generally don’t want to bother me when he’s like this. And I admit that it gives me a headache.

Anyway, the nurse took him her phone and I called him. He started pushing buttons and hung up the phone so I called him back – but he didn’t know how to answer it. So she helped him again and I let him yell at me a little more until he decided he was going to go out and get some pizza before driving home. I called the nurse back and suggested she reclaim her phone – which was a good thing since Dad had decided that it was his phone and wouldn’t give it back. She called me again to have me try and convince him that it wasn’t his phone and he eventually gave it back.

He’s getting worse. It feels weird but I am in the position of kind of hoping that he gets worse quickly so that he can reach a more comfortable place both for him and for me. And for the nursing home so that he doesn’t get kicked out and have to go to the more secure place up near Kansas City.

My goal today is to make cookies and a little mini cherry pie to take him tomorrow for Father’s Day. Hard to know what else to give him. I’ll take some extra cookies that they can give him a few at a time since he will eat all of what I bring him immediately.

Speaking of cooking, I have finally remembered to set up the email subscription on Chickens and Eggs, in case anyone wants to get the recipe posts in their email. This week’s recipes include Bacon and Tomato Jam and English Muffin Bread, part 1. I see that I only have 4 posts since I decided to try to cook and post more, but that’s about one per week which is more or less on goal. Yesterday I made and froze meatballs. I can pull out a container of homemade sauce and a few meatballs and make a single serving of spaghetti as a quick dinner whenever I like. But I’ve posted recipes for meatballs before and that sort of thing isn’t worthy of another post. These were basically a larger version of the basil meatballs I put in the meatball risotto. Planned recipes include Chicken Korma Salad. Once I decide on the ingredients at any rate. Dried apricots and pistachios I think.


7 thoughts on “phone wars”

  1. How I wish I could get interested in cooking! I need to figure out what freezes well and what doesn’t before I decide what to make. (or invite a bunch of people over to eat with me)


    1. Did you never like to cook or is it the feeling that it’s too much trouble to cook for one? When you’re ready and interested in cooking, we’ll talk more if you like. I’ve been cooking for one for most of my adult life. Forget the idea that you have to freeze stuff. Nearly everything can be cut down or, as I like to do, you can roast that whole chicken and eat the parts you like roasted, turn the rest into soup, chicken chili, chicken and dumplings, or chicken salad. I eat a lot of chicken so there’s no real issue for me to roast the whole one – but your butcher will be happy to cut a whole bird in half for you. I usually make a lot of soups, stews and chilis that can be frozen in single serve containers for lunches. And there’s no reason you can’t cut a beef roast in half. Lots of things – like meatloaf – can be made in single serve loaves and then wrapped, bagged and frozen. I should stop babbling now, but believe me, there are a lot of ways to do cooking for one that don’t limit your creativity or drive you completely insane with leftovers.


      1. I like to cook, but have no motivation to do so when it’s just me. I’m not much of a foodie, so I’m fine with cheese and crackers or other weird stuff.


  2. I know exactly what you mean when you say you’d wish he’d get worse so he’d be more comfortable. Watching someone straddle the fence of fleeting lucidness is not fun.


    1. Exactly MN. I realized today how much I don’t want to go see him anymore. Sometimes he’s just not there but he’s pleasant. Other times, he’s yelling at me and I just can’t stand it. He’s past being someone I know. It was sad, but easier, when Mom moved past the stage of still sometimes being there. And I’m so tired of being the only one dealing with this. Stupid brothers could at least come see them once.


  3. And when I saw Dad today, he told me that they’ll be sending him home in a couple days and that he jogs for half an hour at least 3 times per day. He really just has no concept of reality anymore.


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