kitty quickie

my pretty self

Zoe is so pretty and delicate and ladylike. And she loves the camera.

omg dont point that thing at me

Kitty Kitty remains convinced the camera is out to kill him.


7 thoughts on “kitty quickie”

  1. Ha, ha! Such funny kitty pictures! Zoe looks like she owns the place, which she probably does. Kitty Kitty looks like my friend’s cat Moriarty, who won’t come anywhere near anyone he doesn’t know. He came in one day when I was there and purred round my legs. We were amazed until the cat looked up, realised he had the wrong pair of legs (the expression on his face, if that’s possible, was just priceless!) and took off. Cats are brilliant.


    1. They are weird. Kitty Kitty is the sweet cuddly cat who is afraid of strangers. Zoe will try to bite strangers. She always did think she owned the joint. But Kitty had Zoe totally cowed for months – no she smacks him and the wrassle around. I’m curious to see if they ever end up really friends.


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