Ally Bean’s post yesterday included this link to the I Write Like Analyzer. Ally writes like Shakespeare!

Me? Well, I ran through a variety of recent posts and most tagged me as writing like Cory Doctorow

Who? I’ve never read anything by Cory Doctorow and the analyzer doesn’t tell why it makes that association. I have to assume that Cory Doctorow has a rambling, casual, kind of babbling style.

But it doesn’t end there. I’ve always said that my writing is either the rambling style (apparently like Cory Doctorow) or sounds like a psych report.

Intermezzo was found comparable to Leo Tolstoy. Why is that different? I want to know!

The rest of the story was similar to David Foster Wallace someone else I have never read. Another rambling style?

I plugged in a piece that I am actually proud of, A Boat with a View found on my About page. This time, I am compared to Margaret Mitchell.

I’m not really excited or disappointed in any of the results. While I am familiar with Tolstoy and Mitchell, I haven’t honestly read their books either. What I am is curious. If the analyzer has any validity, what is it about my writing that is similar to these famous writers?


19 thoughts on “who?”

  1. I got Cory too with one post; I read a bit of his writing on amazon and it’s casual and rambling, like mine can be. As fast as the analysis came back though, it seems like it would relate more to to length of sentences and aspects that are quickly measured by a machine. There is no way it had the time to figure out the style.


    1. I agree. It says it analyzes word choice and writing style but what does that really mean? It’s fun anyway. As for Cory, yes, that makes sense since I am the queen of run-on, wordy sentences with frequent, and sometimes multiple, parenthetical phrases.


  2. Okay, I can understand why you two were pegged as you were, but me as Shakespeare? Does that make any sense? Me thinketh not. Oh, wait– maybe it does! 😉


  3. I put in other writing samples from my blog and suddenly I was Gertrude Stein and Steven King. 🙂 I will take it with a grain of salt, although it was a bit addictive. My daughter was James Joyce. Ugh, poor girl.


  4. This has been a great thread! Trying to come up with a joke: Gertrude Stein, Stephen King and Leo Tolstoy walk into a bar…

    I’ll let you know if I get over to one of these sites and find out who I am most like. Bet the results are different using a blog post than using a legal opinion letter!


    1. Hmmm. I tried a piece of a psych report I have in my files and got David
      Foster Wallace again…. oh that doesn’t sound good.

      On the other hand, I plugged in an erotic story I wrote years ago and it said it was like Anne Rice.


  5. This was fun! But how on earth is it possible, Zazzy dear, that you write like Margaret Mitchell and I, the Georgia peach, write like Mr. H. P. Lovecraft (an unknown author to me and probably a Yankee). I do declare! Oh well. I’ll think about that tomorrow. 😉


    1. It was only the one post. But maybe I can write like Margaret Mitchell and all I need is a really good idea!

      Lovecraft wrote really elegant horror. Interesting.


  6. I’m trying to remember what I fed the Analyzer. If it was elegant horror, it must have been something about my late, great domestic culinary career. *delicate shudder*


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