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I should re-do my 101 things to include the little known fact that I was (am) a math geek. Yes, yes, I took symbolic logic for fun. Two semesters! And I should warn any non-math-geeks trying to decide what math elective they want to take – my friends burned me in effigy after I recommended symbolic logic. I still don’t think it was a hard class and logic puzzles are fun. Matrix theory, on the other hand, is horrifying and should be avoided at all costs.

Anyway, here…. made me laugh.

Reminded me of my favorite math joke. Which, by the way, I tried to find so I could present it correctly but you’re stuck with my memory.

A student walks up to his math professor after class and says, “Excuse me sir, but I didn’t understand the proof on the second problem.”

The professor gazes off into the distance, nodding thoughtfully. After several minutes, he looks at the student and says, “And therefore, x = 3.”

And walks away.

Maybe it’s only funny if you had my math professors.

more math jokes, which are probably funnier than mine


7 thoughts on “math geek”

  1. I am definitely not, either. I was good at maths in primary school (to age 11) but after that – what is all this x and y and 2x = 4y? A different language I didn’t want to learn. I didn’t get the joke either, but I wish I did.


  2. Well, it’s probably more the way I told it. For me, the facial expressions and hand movements are more important than the words – and hard to write.

    Anyway, the professor works through the proof in his head, nodding and probably mumbling a little and making little number signs with his hands but doesn’t actually explain it to the student. He arrives at the conclusion that his proof is right and tells the student, “And therefore….” without helping the student to understand at all.


  3. Not a math geek, but I did get the joke! Probably has to do w/ my dad, a brainiac, who’d drift off in thought like that, leaving me more confused than before.


    1. I have known people other than math geeks that do that. Computer geeks are particularly bad. Actually, when I’ve tutored math or tried to help with some basic html….. I probably do that. I can do the thing but damned if I can explain it.


  4. Well I always suspected it but this post of yours just proves to me that you are nuts Sweets. It is OK though as everyone should have a nutty friend or three.


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