in the face of tragedy

We take our amusement where we find it.

First let me say that my heart certainly goes out to those impacted by the bombings at the Boston marathon. I can’t imagine why anyone would think this kind of action is a good idea or what they hope to accomplish. It is just so senseless and heartbreaking.

I heard about the bombings when I went to visit Dad this afternoon. I brought him a memory book I had printed at Walmart with pictures and captions of our family pets over the years. Pets are one thing I can usually get Dad to talk about – we have a lot of funny pet stories. He seemed to enjoy the book and with a little prompting was able to remember things about each cat and dog. The book itself, if you are wondering, was a bit of a disappointment. I plan to go through Lulu to make another when I can find the photos or slides that I’m looking for.

The TV in Dad’s room had the news coverage playing though he clearly didn’t understand what was going on. “I don’t remember taking those pictures,” he said. You didn’t take them, I told him, that’s the news. “Well where is that?” he asked. Boston, I explained. Someone set some bombs off during the marathon. “What was I doing in Boston?” he asked.

Well, I have always said that everything is about him.


6 thoughts on “in the face of tragedy”

  1. The way that his mind processes info is fascinating. Kind of funny, in a warped way. I wonder if he saw a news story about men landing on the moon, if he’d think that he was there, too?


  2. I agree with Ally-the way that his mind processes is fascinating. I know it probably isn’t very interesting to you because you’ve had to deal with all the frustrations with the situation. 😦 I ordered a book from my Caring Bridge site and I’m hoping it’s not a disappointment too.


  3. Yes, ladies, the way he thinks is amazing. I find moments like these to be mildly amusing and they help make up for some of the more frustrating stuff – or am I just living in Canada?


    1. He seemed to enjoy it. I am hoping to do a kind of family history album – I don’t think he’d care about baby pics and things like that, but I think he’d enjoy pictures of the different houses and snowstorms, things he can tell stories about. However, much of that is on slides somewhere. Must find the slides, sort through them, get them digitized, edit them and finally put together a book. We’ll see how long that takes me! There is so much I just can’t find what they did with and where they put.


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