do you ever wonder?

I recently got hooked on home-improvement shows again. Do you remember some of the early ones on TLC like, I think, Trading Spaces? Where so often the redecorating came out absolutely hideous? Oh, but before that we had the craftsmanship of Dean Johnson, Bob Villa, Norm Abrams and This Old House. Those shows convinced me that I could tile the horrible little particle board counter I had in Wyoming – and I did. Not saying it was great and I learned that 4 inch tiles are not really 4 inches which still seems really stupid to me.

I often have Hulu on in the background when I’m doing other things on the computer and I’m hooked on all the DIY shows – and also House Hunters and similar shows. I started with Bath Crashers. Some of the finished projects I still think look pretty bad – or at least far too unique for resale – but they’re fun to watch.

But what I can’t help wondering is — someone decorated, designed and loved those houses at some point. And while I usually agree that the all pink bathroom is horribly outdated and, well, I can’t help wondering who thought it was a good idea to begin with – but someone loved it. And sometimes, that person surely sees the show.

How would you feel if a TV crew came into your house and told the world just what horrible taste you have? And on shows like House Hunters, they’re walking through homes and describing the floors as “gross” or how ugly the light fixtures are or whatever. And I just picture myself sitting there in front of the television (or the computer) and it’s my house. It’s frightening to imagine them walking through this house which so badly needs updating. It’s a nice enough house but whoever put the cabinets in downstairs was on crack. And they’re everywhere down here. I can’t even describe them but they’d make a great show. 🙂

Anyway, I was just thinking about what it would be like to not be the person on the show, but the person sitting at home saying, “But I loved that pink tile!”


5 thoughts on “do you ever wonder?”

  1. I used to watch some of those shows too. I enjoyed What not to wear also. My daughters made me watch it. Hmmm…I wonder if they meant anything by that. 😉


    1. Makes you a little paranoid, eh? I always had mixed feelings about that show. Personal style is really individual and I just couldn’t imagine me dressing the way they recommend – though I admit they could probably make me look better.


  2. Funny story from way back. Rather long, but pertinent.

    Friends of ours had just bought their first home, a condo, which was decorated with all sorts of hideous wallpaper and garish colors. They were anxious to “neutralize” the condo to make it pretty.

    We had seen their condo on a Friday night when they had us over for dinner.

    On Saturday morning Z-D & I were at a SW looking at paint chips, minding our own business, when we overheard two women in the wallpaper area talking loudly. I glanced over at them and saw that they were looking at a wallpaper book with the exact type of hideous wallpaper that our friends were taking down that very morning.

    Naturally, I began to eavesdrop.

    Come to find out the one woman had just sold her condo to a young couple who she mentioned by name. Our friends. And now this woman, who was convinced that her interior design had sold the condo, was starting to decorate her new house with the same awful wallpaper and colors.

    Z-D and I got laughing so hard that we had to leave the store and go back later. Talk about an accidental encounter, that goes to your point, which is that someone, somewhere is saying: “But I loved that pink tile!”


    1. Oh, no…. that is too funny! At least most of the ones on the shows have the excuse of being lost in the 70s or 80s. Not sure I would have held it together as well as you and Z-D.


  3. I distinctly remember moving from our rather beige house into our newly built home in the 1960’s–and the pink bathroom and the turquoise bathroom both seemed so awesome and fresh and full of light! I really think those 60’s ranch houses were responding to the rather drab decor of the 1950’s. My parents’ house needs updating, too, and I don’t think I would feel sad to see it done!


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