the word

The biopsy results have come back and it appears that Dad simply has colitis, which can be treated with antibiotics, and not a tumor. So that’s good news. He’s apparently feeling pretty good and may be transferred back to Red Rose today. We’ll see.

This morning, the kitties were both puffed up to Halloween cats growling at each other with big bottle-brush tails. No idea what set them off but in a way, it’s still progress. At least neither of them hides anymore. Mostly they’re getting along pretty well.


5 thoughts on “the word”

  1. The word was good…. It is good news that we don’t appear to be about to start a cancer battle. I’m concerned about his health in general since we have had so many medical issues since January.

    He got back to Red Rose today and is really angry. Again. He somehow got out the front door and they’ve at least temporarily placed him on the locked unit. I am hoping he calms down enough that we can move him back to the open area. Right now, he’s convinced he doesn’t live there and we’ve somehow sneaked him in. And I’m not sure how New Jersey came into it all. I just talked with them again and he’s calmed down and his mood is better. He’s eating a sandwich and they’ll try to get him into bed soon. I’ll be there tomorrow and I hope he’s a bit more settled.

    It’s frustrating because he just can’t remember why he’s there. He’s sure that he can take care of himself and can’t even recognize that he can barely walk on his own. It’s a shame to have to do this but there really is no way he can safely come home at this time – just for physical/medical reasons. I’m fairly sure that the dementia issues are not going to allow him to return home at all but it’s still a possibility I guess.


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