I tell you, it just never ends

Well, as you remember, earlier this week they transferred Dad to the medical unit because they thought perhaps he had a heart attack. It doesn’t appear that he did – or if he did, that there was any damage done. He’s back on the senior unit and certain that he’s going home tomorrow, every day. With the iffy weather (supposed to snow or ice more this weekend and it never really warmed up yesterday) and the bronchitis with which I am currently suffering, I didn’t go either today. Part of me just doesn’t want to see him until he’s back at Red Rose. I am thinking he will settle back in.

Then this afternoon, they called and Dad had a sudden drop in blood pressure. He was stable when they called but it was serious enough that they did an “all call” where everyone rushes in. They’ve done the CT scan and not found anything unusual – just some normal age related changes like a little arteriosclerosis and inflammation in the colon. Right now, they’re eliminating issues and are thinking it could be some vagus nerve stimulation – which can cause the light headedness and drop in blood pressure and can be triggered by straining in a bowel movement. I’m a little concerned about whether Red Rose has the level of medical care he may need and will talk with the social worker on Monday.

Supposed to snow and ice tonight and tomorrow but Monday is supposed to be sunny and at least a little warmer. No more excuses for not driving over there. He’s stable and sleeping tonight and I’ll check with them tomorrow.

*update* 3/24

Dad was transferred to the surgical unit around 5 this morning. He is currently resting comfortably and cooperating with them. There is a serious amount of rectal bleeding and he’s scheduled for a colonoscopy tomorrow morning. I’ve given consent and wished them luck – the nurse seemed willing to try to approach the prep drink differently with him. We’ll see how he’s doing tomorrow.

*update* 3/25

The colonoscopy went well this time. They biopsied a possible tumor. We’ll have the results in a few days. Dad says he feels better than he has in a long time and “it” is working, he thinks his attitude is better. Of course, he also thinks that Mom was supposed to come today and that they both are living at home.


9 thoughts on “I tell you, it just never ends”

  1. On the one hand, your dad does live an exciting life. On the other hand, what a lousy bunch of things to happen to any person. Hope he is better/stable soon.


    1. It’s been crazy since January, hasn’t it? We’ll know more if they can complete the colonoscopy tomorrow.


  2. Oh fudgebuckets. Major suckage. Hope they get a definitive diagnosis from the tests.
    (I’ve been in the hosp for the past week and will be going home tomorrow – idiopathic swelling of the right side again…….bah humbug)


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