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It’s just continuous excitement around here. The dementia unit called yesterday and said Dad had been complaining of chest pain and there was something in his blood work that suggested a possible blood clot or heart attack. They transferred him to the medical until to do further testing. Dad called later to tell me he was “back in the hospital.” He said it was the same old cold and denied chest pain.

Anyway, the weird value in his blood is decreasing and they will likely send him back to the dementia unit today. He was refusing to get cleaned up and told them he would change his wet briefs when he got home. He still believes his car is there and he will be driving himself home.


4 thoughts on “dad update”

  1. Addled as his brain may be, he certainly does seem to focus on that car of his, doesn’t he? It is amazing to me how that topic turns up time & again. Does it represent independence or financial accomplishment or adventure to him? There is something about it that calls to him through the haze. Intriguing.


  2. It is strange how focused he can be on certain things! Patt was determined to fix the hospital bed the day he died; he insisted on a hammer and nails which I refused to bring him. Did your dad love to drive or take road trips?


  3. I think, like Ally suggested, it’s an independence thing. And I get that but it seems to be the one area that frequently has to be challenged.


  4. Update Update. Dad spent several days in the medical unit and they did quite a bit of testing. I spoke with the nurse yesterday afternoon and she told me that they’d found an area of irreversible damage to Dad’s heart. I spoke with the doctor a few minutes later who told me that there was no damage to Dad’s heart and he didn’t know where she’d gotten that information. They moved him back to the behavior unit yesterday. I hope to get over there finally tomorrow. Sort of hope. Part of me just dreads it.


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