chocolate. stat.

Visiting Dad requires a large quantity of chocolate. Do you think it would be okay if I never visit him again? I keep reminding myself that this is frustrating for him, too. That not remembering stuff is hard and confusing and scary. It’s also incredibly annoying.

Visiting hours are only from 3 to 4 pm. Thank you. Thank you. The entire time was spent in a loop of “I don’t have my wallet.” “How am I going to pay for the hotel?” “I have to buy gas!” “Well I drove here, didn’t I?” “I’m going outside and finding my car.” “How am I going to pay for this?” “I haven’t been in (the nursing home) in months.” “How did I get here then?” “I did not!” Oh, and “I’m going home tomorrow.”

The loop is bad enough, it’s the sarcasm and snide comments that push me over the edge.

It makes me very tired. And in need of chocolate. Lots of chocolate.


4 thoughts on “chocolate. stat.”

  1. Chocolate is good. But I wish you could de-personalize his remarks (given his mental state) although since it’s your dad, you would probably have trouble doing that. 😦


    1. I try Margaret. It manages to trigger reactions from all the years that he was sarcastic, snide and mean. Sigh.


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