those darn kitties

Zoe and Kitty Kitty are slowly starting to adjust to each other. Zoe no longer spends the entire day under the chair. Okay, she mostly sits on the chair but that’s an improvement. She also gets up and moves around some and sometimes claims her place on the bed. Once, she and Kitty Kitty were on the bed at the same time.

This is Zoe staring in horror at that darn Kitty Kitty who is, at that moment, out in the hall.

zoe stares

I spent a good part of the day trying to snap a picture of Kitty Kitty to include as well. Mostly I got blurry motion shots since every time I pointed the camera at him he took off in a hurry. But this is later yesterday afternoon when I finally got him to agree to having his picture taken.

kitty still at last

I’ve been making them eat together in the evenings. Kitty has quickly learned that he gets Fancy Feast when Zoe does and comes in to start asking whether it’s time yet even before her. Surprisingly, at least to me, they behave quite well at dinner time. Neither bugs the other’s bowl. Zoe usually finishes first and Kitty will go and mop up anything she might have left. If Zoe is eating from the dry food bowl, Kitty sits back and lets her finish. Kitty Kitty has the same dry food in his bowl upstairs but it just tastes so much better from Zoe’s bowl. Much the same way that Zoe’s litter box, with the same litter he has, is just so much better to use.

So long as I’m home, Kitty Kitty stays downstairs with us all day now. He goes back upstairs before bed or if I’m going out since I don’t trust them alone together yet – and Zoe deserves some peace and quiet. He still tends to chase her and I still think he’s trying to play. This morning, the game has been for Zoe to follow him when he leaves the bedroom and Kitty to chase her back in here.

I’m not sure they will ever be cuddle-together-friends, but I think there is hope that they will learn to get along. Or rather, that Zoe will learn to tolerate him.


10 thoughts on “those darn kitties”

  1. Great photos. You certainly have a job to do keeping the peace between those two! Unfortunately, one of ours ran off after 9 days when she got out when the window cleaner called. She’s currently living at the end of the street but has zero interest in coming to us when called. No idea how to get her back, short of employing a vet with a tranquiliser, and I don’t believe that’s very practical. 😦


      1. No, nothing. In fact, she runs away. My hubby got within 6 feet of her on Saturday night and she took fright and ran away. Not sure what to do next. I think we’ll only get her back if she turns up injured – she’s chipped so if a vet scanned her they’d be able to contact us. 😦


        1. Poor kitty! And poor you guys! She is not making the transition well at all. Some kitties, I’m told, really don’t want to be indoor kitties. My two have shown pretty much no interest in going outside – except Kitty Kitty wants to go out when the neighbor’s kitty is over visiting.


  2. The kitty story makes me smile. I think that you’ve made amazing progress by just getting them to coexist together in the same space. The photos are perfect.


    1. Well, I was starting to think we’d never make any progress and I guess you’re right – it’s pretty amazing. Maybe one day they’ll be actual friends.


  3. They are beautiful kitties and make me want one! But then I remember Zoe’s attacks on you and Alison’s evil kitty Mari and am reasonably sure that I would get a feral pet when I really need a cuddly one.


    1. Kitty Kitty is really a sweetheart. He wants to cuddle all the time. It’s interesting that Zoe has started being a little friendlier – I’m thinking she sees him getting more attention. Reminds me of how Stasia didn’t want to be brushed until I’d start brushing Fred and she’d get so jealous she’d demand to be brushed.


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