good news for a change

And the good news from here – I went to talk with the attorney again and do the guardianship papers. He said he had researched the PoA stuff further and that Dad’s PoA is written in language to exactly cover this situation (it even says right out I can move him into or out of a facility even if he objects) and he does not think we need to do the guardianship. The guardianship proceedings are not fun and Dad is not going to understand what’s going on. Walt told me if I have a problem with a hospital in the future, to call him and he will talk to their legal staff and explain why we’re right. Honestly, if that works it’s a whole lot less stress. It’s also incredibly confusing to get different information but really, you have to look at the wording and it’s pretty explicit that once he’s found to be incompetent, medical and financial decisions are entirely up to me. Which, by the way, is how I read it to begin with. The biggest problem is if I’m hit by a bus the boys will have to seek guardianship on both parents – there’s no way to add them to the PoA.

Dad has forgotten Springfield and surgery – although his therapist said he told her he was getting radiation therapy.


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  1. Very good news indeed! And on your gripes on the prior post, YES. Homemade means made at home and chefs rave about things that disagree with my taste buds. I have the right to my opinion! 🙂


  2. Well, our attorney is pretty old himself and seems to forget what we’ve talked about – so I hope he’s right. 🙂


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