when it rains…

I got the most bizarre call this morning from a nurse at the hospital in Springfield – asking whether I had a relative in the hospital. Turns out that Dad has been in the hospital since Tuesday and no one from the nursing home or the hospital called to inform me. You know, his power of attorney.

I spoke to Dad and asked what he was doing in the hospital. And he told me that he had the day off from the nursing home and has had a little fender bender – don’t worry, the car is fine – but he had to go to the hospital. He was worried that Mom was going to be upset and (according to the nurse he had to look the house number up in the phone book) wanted me to keep her calm since he should have been home last night and he was surprised she hadn’t sent out the Saint Bernards. The last time this happened (never) she was really upset.

He was a little sick when I visited on Monday (and I was a little sick yesterday and didn’t make it over there) and I guess on Tuesday, the vomiting and diarrhea was bad enough that they decided to send him to the hospital. They have found him to have a partial small bowel obstruction but don’t plan to do surgery for that since it will usually correct on it’s own and surgery can create further problems. His gall bladder is also distended and has stones which may require surgery. He has blood in his stool and they are prepping him for a scope starting tonight. Also he has an inguinal hernia and cortical nodules on both kidneys.

This is the man that we’ve considered to be basically healthy besides the dementia and the cellulitis.

I’ve requested, if possible, a psychiatric consult for the dementia. And informed them that I do have power of attorney and he’s considered not competent to make his own medical and financial decisions. Seems like that might be important.


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  1. That’s rather amazing. All of it. Especially the part about them not contacting you immediately when he was admitted to the hospital.

    On a different note, I hope that his procedures are as quickly forgotten as his home address. None of what he is going to have done sounds pleasant. Kind of nice that he may not remember it all tomorrow.


    1. I hope so too – not sure he is aware of what’s going on now but I know the prep for a colonoscopy is not pleasant.


  2. Zazzy,I’m very sorry to read that your dad has medical problems and the hospital didn’t call you.

    Several weeks ago DS didn’t call me that he wouldn’t be home for dinner,he didn’t answer his cell phone either.At 10 p.m. that evening a friend called me to let me know DS was in the hospital in his town.DS was supposed to visit the friend that day,but never made it to his house,he totaled his vehicle two blocks away from the friend’s house that afternoon.

    The friend happened to look out the window and saw a tow truck pull DS’s vehicle behind around 4 p.m.,it took the friend hours to find out what happened to DS.He didn’t want to call me earlier to not upset me.As it turned out DS wasn’t hurt,he had to stay in the hospital for observation.
    No one knows why the hospital didn’t call the next of kin.

    I hope your dad will get all the medical attention he needs to fell better again.


    1. Sometimes no one know why the hospital does anything it does. Glad to hear that your son was okay and for the hours of worry you clearly had when no one informed you. I, at least, was blissfully ignorant.


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