the annoying and the icky

Well, the part for my car didn’t come yesterday. We’re hoping it comes today and I get my car back. I hate being stuck at home and it’s not like we have a taxi service here. I’m not going to starve to death and I went upstairs yesterday since Zoe is out of Fancy Feast and Kitty has some canned food left. I value my feet too much to not give Zoe her canned food.

I spent some time in the upstairs kitchen while I was there anyway and cleared out more ancient food. For those who are curious about what is still okay and what is not — canned goods seem mostly okay. But then, most of the soups I’ve tried have been soups I bought for Dad within the past couple years. I have used some tomato sauce and so for, it’s been fine. Jarred stuff? Well, picante sauce and taco sauce have been fine. BBQ sauce, ketchup, salad dressings – well I don’t think Miracle Whip is supposed to be brown. I tried some BBQ sauce and while I don’t think it was “bad” per se, it just wasn’t quite right. So, jarred sauces are going out including any pasta sauce with “meat” in it. We’ll see about a couple of other things. Baking mixes – such as cornbread mix – probably wouldn’t kill you but tasted flat and bland. I tossed all of those and the various taco shells and rice mixes and other stuff in packets. Pudding mix has a stale flavor. Some of this stuff is dated from 2004! Onion soup mix, I used in dip before I started CK was fine. Going to try the gravy mixes which I occasionally use to thicken soups and stews. And most of that was just one cupboard. The more I do, the more I see to do. Oh – I found opened bloody mary mix in the cupboard. I mean – that’s flavored tomato juice. Opened! Eww. Everything needs to come out of the cupboards and be washed. One day I need to just hang out up there and run the dishwasher while cleaning out other cabinets.

Crackers, by the way, get flat and stale even when unopened. The whole wheat crackers may actually be rancid. Even the critters didn’t eat them.

The things you learn. Tonight I learned how to tell which breaker tripped when I tried to run the microwave while the hot water heater and fridge were cycling. Trying desperately to read 25 year+ pencil writing and not finding the right breaker, I suddenly noticed the RED one. Do you think? Of course.

That’s more dealing with stuff on my own, I guess. Glad I found the red thing before I called Zogey. I’m going to eventually get someone in to help clean but I figure I should get the cupboards cleaned out first. There are some closets with stuff the folks bought from Sam’s Club that need to be gone through and emptied, also. Dad’s closet and stuff can wait. But once I have the cupboards mostly done – and I’ve started wiping down drips on the cupboards since Dad’s home worker was only here 2 hours every 2 weeks and details have been missed. But to get it really clean is going to take a lot of work.


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  1. I need to go through our cupboards and freezer. My husband wasn’t eating the way he normally had been the past few years, so I probably have some expired stuff. (or a lot of it) Probably not from 2004 though. Hard to motivate myself to do such a “fun” task.


    1. Wow, I certainly was babbly…

      I don’t generally shop far enough in advance for stuff to expire. Though I think I have some blue cornmeal that I could never decide what to do with. I just cleaned out my spice cupboard and it’s much more organized. 🙂


    1. Then you would enjoy the house! Honestly, I don’t think they ever threw anything away and I have that gene, too, but I do a better job of tossing out stuff. On the other hand, I think I have every cell phone and charger that I’ve ever had. I keep meaning to send them to one of those charities that fix them up for soldiers or something – but surely these are too old? I’m hoping to clean out the garage and have the stuff from my storage shed brought down here. I can do more sorting and tossing and ….. Oh, there’s just so much sorting and tossing to do. And it would be different if this were more of a — shall we say final sorting? I don’t feel like I can or should throw out everything, even when it’s useless. Like the many, many fuzzy video tapes that dad recorded from the TV. None of which anyone has watched in 10 years and hell, they may not even play well anymore.


  2. I came from a family of savers… “just in case.” It is a difficult mind set to get over. I can imagine what a big project you have in front of you. Still, when it’s completed think of the freedom that you’ll have.

    [Oddly enough this very topic is what I’m going to post about later this week. I have the photos, just need time to write up something.]


    1. I think the hardest ones for me are the cardboard box that might be good for mailing something and the plastic container that surely would be useful for something. Litter comes in these giant plastic jugs that ought to store water for emergencies or…. something.


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