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Winding up the first week of Calorie King and I think I will go ahead and buy the year. Oh sure, there’s a part of me that wants to quit but it’s going relatively well. First, it’s easy to log. I’m not going through 2 or 3 different steps to write stuff down and each day, as I add to favorites or my own foods that I input the nutritional info for, it gets easier. Plus, they started me out with 2000 calories per day which is really easy to meet.

Instead of jumping in with totally unreasonable goals of perfection, I’m just trying to stay within the 2000 calories right now. It’s helping me honestly identify problem areas instead of fibbing to myself. I had already been cutting back on bread since that is a real weak spot for me right now. Just measuring and weighing what I eat has broken through a lot of denial.

Looking at my eating the last week, it’s clear that my biggest issue remains grazing in the evenings. Fully half my calories are after 7PM which is not good for your digestion or metabolism. And that is always the hardest behavior for me to change. I’m considering different ways of approaching the issue but I’m guessing it will end up being just toughing through the desire to eat for a while.

On the plus side – blood sugar is coming down nicely. When I don’t write things down, I “forget” all those little extra carbs that contribute to higher blood sugar. I’m using less insulin already. I’ve got direct evidence of dawn phenomena in the past week because I forgot my late insulin and tested/shot up at 4 AM. I see Dr. G&P in less than two weeks and there’s not going to be enough time to positively impact my a1c but he’s always pretty supportive when I’m really trying to make changes. Next a1c should be a lot better.


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  1. This sounds like awesome progress. 🙂

    I have the same problem re grazing in the evenings. I try to keep it to relatively healthy grazing – olives stuffed with almonds, an avocado with salad dressing, nuts, fruit with yoghurt, carrots.. and of course my home made chocolate – see my blog for the recipe.

    I’m experimenting with cutting out sugar at the moment. Parts of it are working ok for me, other parts not so great..


    1. Sometimes, if I’d just eat what I was really hungry for I’d eat less than I do by trying to choose the healthier option. Last night, I ate yogurt. I like yogurt. It’s good for you. I eat greek yogurt these days so there is extra protein. But what I really wanted was chicken soup. My throat was sore, I was feeling punk all day yesterday and I ended up eating the chicken soup later anyway. Avocados wouldn’t be bad to keep around the house – except they’re pretty awful in the store right now. I’m not cutting out sugar so much as I’m avoiding things heavy in sugar. I know some people that swear by it, however, and say that their sugar cravings go away the more they don’t eat it.


    1. Grazing is actually recommended rather than big meals. I just end up eating too much of the wrong things when I graze. Perhaps one day I’ll be better at grazing on the right things in the right amounts.


  2. I’m pleased to read that this system is working for you. There’s a saying: if you can measure it, you can manage it. [Peter Drucker maybe?] I’m finding that the older and more realistic I get, the more I believe that to be true.

    As for late night grazing, well– good luck to you. I don’t have the prob, but I realize that it’s a tricky one to overcome. How about celery sticks w/ yogurt dip + chicken broth? Filling, but light.


    1. The challenge is, as usual, the foods I can’t eat. My digestive system has improved some. I can eat a little salad and rice once in a while. Most meat isn’t bothering me. But things like raw celery are still out. Too much pico de gallo this week – I figure it was the raw onions – made me sick. And the pita pockets that I made from shrimp, pico de gallo, avocado and a little sour cream were really, really good. It’s nice, still, to be able to eat some things that have been off my list for months. Bananas!


    1. Yeah, it’s fine. Just the never-ending-sinus-crap. Quitting smoking would probably help but that’s going to wait while I work on the eating impulses. I tried to change my eating and quit smoking at the same time once, but that was a bad idea!


  3. I do ok if I truly graze…but my grazing either never ends or has volume equivalent to a meal. Ooops!
    Glad this is working for you, at present, and hope it continues to go well. Try watching The Walking Dead after 7 p.m. Kills my appetite every time…


    1. Grazing can sure add up. Particularly when it’s in addition to actual meals! It amazes me, if I write it down, how much it adds up. I rarely eat very much at a time but, let’s take cookies for example…. A couple cookies are not really a bad thing (although 2 cookies equals 10 units of insulin). But I can go through a package of 10 lofthouse cookies easily in a day, just eating one or two at a time. And it’s worse if I make cookies since most recipes make more than a dozen. One or two at a time throughout a day adds up to a lot of cookies. And even if they aren’t cookies, cheese or nuts or olives can really add up, too.

      I only made it through the first episode of the Walking Dead. So many people like it that I keep thinking I should make an effort to watch more and perhaps I will come to enjoy it – but the first episode was so boring that I haven’t been able to make myself continue.


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