the zazzy mafia

I’m laundering money today. Dad really wants his wallet with him – so much so that he thought it would be good for me to make a special trip over to Cassville although there is no real reason he needs it. But, I’ll take it to him on Monday.

However, you don’t want anything of value while in the nursing home. I’m removing most of the money and all the credit cards and things like his medicare and social security cards. The money will go into my Dad stash, the cash I keep to buy him groceries or cigarettes or other small things he needs. It smells strongly of urine and I just really don’t want that in my purse. So I’ve soaked it in a solution with lysol and detergent. Aren’t we lucky that our money is linen instead of actual paper? It’s kind of a pity that it’s so cool. I would enjoy hanging it on the line rather than draped over towel bars.

A silly little thing but it made me chuckle.


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