things from today

1) My new modem came today although I only called and complained yesterday. I put off calling tech support because I generally loathe them. They mostly act like I’m an idiot. I talked to a really nice guy yesterday who said, gee, that sounds like your modem – I’d let us send you a new one. So I did. He estimated it would be here Saturday or Monday (Saturday? for UPS in the boondocks?) but it magically appeared today. Anyway, it’s all set up and speedy and has wireless built in for the kindle and any smart phones I may consider buying one day. Or other wireless stuff. Plus I have the number for the direct line of nice-tech-support-guy for any future issues.

2) I made lemon chicken soup tonight. I cooked! And I cooked something I really love. It’s warm and bright and sunny and comforting. I eat much healthier when I actually cook and I’m just bursting with the vitamins from all the veggies and lemons.

3) I cleaned out the upstairs fridge and got help wiping out the inside from Dad’s home worker. We will lose her if he stays in the nursing home but I will figure something out. I also did some extra needed cleaning like the butcher block and the dining room table and chairs. They’ve needed a good going over for a long time but it has been kind of pointless. I need to know how much of the canned stuff and other food in the cupboards I should just throw away. I figure flour, even unopened, is likely to be not so good after 5 or 6 years. Crackers and pasta and other dry stuff are also stale. I’ve used some of the soup and canned tomatoes over the years, some of that may still be good. Hmm.

4) I canceled and rescheduled the attorney appointment. My stomach was doing bad things – which was probably just stress. But it didn’t kill me to take a day off and relax a bit more.


2 thoughts on “things from today”

  1. You deserve and need the relaxation. If I liked lemon, I would probably like the soup because I do love veggies. Glad that your modem got there already; it sounds slick.


    1. Actually they make it kind of complicated for users who know more than the average bear. I had to find the modem status website, change the admin password and fiddle around with a couple other things, like make a note of the new ip4 address. You’d think that sort of thing would be on the instruction handbook. I had to reboot the modem this morning and I’m wondering if that was just a freak incident or what. Guess we will see.

      You could make the soup without lemon. You might try brightening it up with an acid you do like, maybe white wine or a light vinegar.


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