it’s a weird world

I was upstairs a bit ago giving Dad his antibiotics and he was having one of those somewhat lucid days where he recognizes that he needs to be in the nursing home and told me he would go. Now, I’m doubting very much that he will still be willing later today and I’m waiting for the home health nurse to come this afternoon to see what he says then. But wouldn’t that be nice and so easy? We talked for a long time about the unpleasant truths of his situation – which I usually don’t do, as I’ve said, since it upsets him. But today, at least for a while, he was willing to listen and acknowledge that he is not safe at home.


8 thoughts on “it’s a weird world”

    1. Well, I checked with the nursing home and it wouldn’t be that hard, especially since they do know him there. He’s back to “thinking” about it. The nurse reminded me of yet another concern. If it snows at all, we are trapped here. Even the first responders couldn’t get down to the house in a big storm.


  1. I’d call that progress. He may forget what you talked about later, but at least for a few minutes he was there with you and agreeing with you. So sorry any of this is happening to you, but it will get worked out eventually.


    1. It was a sort of nice feeling, even knowing that it wouldn’t last, that he got it. It isn’t fun but we had a really honest discussion given that he was fairly lucid. I think it’s important that he understands, as best as he is able, what his choices are and that not going voluntarily will mean we will eventually have to go to court and take guardianship. That really is not a fun process.


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