it doesn’t get easier

So, I went to see Dad today and was in there when the doctor visited (first time this one met him) and after determining that Dad doesn’t know what year it is and thinks it’s spring, he says that yes, he agrees that Dad is not safe at home but he seems capable of making his own decision. Oh, and he’ll let him go home in a day or two.

So, I talked with the social worker who said that she understood. Yes, Dad is not safe at home and I should probably get him evaluated. What? He’s in the freaking hospital! You know, the place that should be arranging that in order to protect him. Okay, I should talk to social services who might be able to help.

So, I went over to social services and talked to a nice lady there who says she will talk to the social worker and see what she can do. And I should call Medicare and file a dispute over discharge. And probably I should start guardianship proceedings. Expensive, apparently, guardianship proceedings although I have power of attorney if Dad is not competent – and he’s clearly not competent.

So, Dad could end up back home. I’ve filed the discharge dispute and the hospital social worker seems upset about that. I should hear from Medicare tomorrow about what, if anything, they will do next.


5 thoughts on “it doesn’t get easier”

  1. I’m so sorry this is so stressful for you. I can’t believe that they are thinking of sending your dad home in the condition he’s in. At least things are now moving, it feels as if a point has been reached and things are in motion, however slowly it happens. I hope people start to see sense soon.


  2. One day at a time. My brother’s company has a policy that will help arrange the evaluation, at least in theory. Still waiting for a call back from the case manager.


  3. And you should have a state Office of Guardianship that can help you. Can you have him involuntarily committed? Here, we can do that for 6 months while evaluations go forward and the Office of Guardianship attorneys get the paperwork rolling.

    Sorry this isn’t easier! Hugs!


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