happy new year

So who sleeps? Consider this another documentation post.

When I talked to Dad last night at 7 o’clock, I hadn’t heard him moving much during the day. I woke him up and he said he was really tired and was going back to sleep, he said he hadn’t eaten – but you never know with him. He was really confused about what time it was and kept thinking it was morning. But, I do that too if I fall asleep after dinner. Other than sounding tired and confused, he didn’t seem that different from his usual self.

Nevertheless, I spent the night worrying and not getting much sleep myself. I half expected to either find him dead this morning or having to get him to the hospital. I found the power of attorney papers – so at least I know where they are now. I waited until 9:30 or so this morning to check on him in case he really was just sleeping.

Anyway, he sounds okay this morning. Sort of. He doesn’t understand why the meals on wheels folks won’t be delivering him lunch but told me he’d get something to eat.

I can’t live this way.


6 thoughts on “happy new year”

  1. That is your answer, Zaz. You can’t live this way. It’s time to get him moved to a dementia care facility. Start the process.


  2. I obviously am not in your shoes, but it really sounds as if over the past couple months things have gone downhill very quickly. I can’t imagine this is an easy decision for you, but hon it may be time, as you have suggested to stop living this way for your own good and for his. Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help even if it’s just to be on the other end of a phone and listening. *Hugs*


  3. Yes, I really don’t think we have much choice anymore. He’s going to fight it and I honestly don’t know how I will physically get him there. I guess that’s a question for social services.


  4. I hurt for you, Zazzy. As hard as it will be, it’s best for him. You have done a magnificent job with both parents, but this is like a drowning victim pulling his rescuer under and neither survives. Please go ahead and talk to the people who can help make the necessary changes. And please don’t beat yourself up about it. It’s time. You knew this time would come. He will be okay.


  5. On the plus side, when I checked yesterday he has been eating even though he said he hasn’t. He even fed the kitty. BUT his new thing is he doesn’t want to answer the phone which is the way I check in with him daily since I can’t get up and down the stairs constantly.


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