keep learning

I learned two things yesterday. Well, and let’s say I was reminded of a third. We’ll make that reminder number 1.

1) Check the recipe before you go shopping.

2) My Kitchen Aid does not necessarily enjoy making a double batch of cookies if it’s a fairly large recipe to begin with.

3) My stomach no longer enjoys raw cookie dough. Who knew I wasn’t 6 anymore?

It dawned on me the other day that I could make my cookie dough over the weekend, roll it into logs and freeze it, then bake it off later this week. Thus decreasing the stress of trying to figure out how to get everything done. I didn’t buy enough sugar, though, to make both cookies. Would have been enough if I’d read the recipes first – because I would have bought more.

This week is “try to get Dad to his doctor” week. Family night at the nursing home. Baking to make treats for casual friends. Delivery of said treats. Plus the usual. I’ll start taking bets about whether I can get Dad out of the house for the doctor and/or Family Night. I’m guessing about a 50/50 shot at the doctor, maybe 2 to 1 in favor of Family Night. But, remember, he wouldn’t go to Thanksgiving so there’s a good chance he’ll get “sick” this time, too.


8 thoughts on “keep learning”

  1. You remind me that I bought butter and powdered sugar for cookies(hopefully) but didn’t check to see how much flour I have. Yikes. Good luck with your baking and your dad. It sounds like a stressful week.


    1. I don’t keep flour or sugar in the house regularly anymore, so I try to buy the smaller packages. Sometimes that works…


  2. You know, I don’t do a lot of baking because following a recipe is almost required. With cooking (fish, veggies, chicken) I feel much more freedom to improvise and “make do” with what I have in the house. And I *hate* going to the store, so feel your pain around not having enough of one thing!

    Good luck with Dad on both outings. And hugs to you!


    1. Well, I won yesterday. Dad refused to go to the doctor when I reminded him Tuesday night, so I rescheduled him first thing in the morning. And then he came downstairs around the time we should have been leaving and asked if I was okay because weren’t we supposed to be going to the doctor?

      The weather is conspiring against me today. It’s snowing and blowing out there – but it’s supposed to clear off and warm up. I’m going to miss my 4 wheel drive this winter.


  3. Note to self: I also learned that I should probably flour the outside of my cookie log before rolling it in plastic and freezing it – ’cause man did that pumpkin cookie log stick to the plastic.


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