really, it was funny

Well, we’re on the home stretch. I should find out tomorrow just when the surgery will be on Monday. I really hate this last minute thing. But I wanted to tell you about the funny part. I’m just afraid that it’s going to come out on screen as whining – but really, except for a really brief moment of stressing out, I spent most of the time laughing.

I did my pre-admission screening over the phone last Tuesday (um, last week last Tuesday). I was really glad of that since I’ve already driven to Springfield twice for this non-event 5 minute surgery. I needed to get a blood draw and an ekg done but I could do them in Cassville, where I go anyway. I was sick last week so I didn’t get around to it until Monday and when I did, the lady I spoke with said she had the fax in hand. Someone would call me back, she said, to schedule the ekg, I could get the blood draw anytime.

So far, so easy. When the scheduler called, she said she didn’t have the orders. But then, she was at another facility. So she made an appointment for me for Wednesday afternoon.

Still pretty easy, nothing unusual.

Wednesday morning, someone from Cassville called and said they didn’t have any orders. No, wait – the surgeon’s office called first. They didn’t write any orders, they said. They didn’t need any tests, any orders must have come from the pre-admission screening nurse and basically, it wasn’t their problem. I should call the pre-admission office and get this straightened out. I did! They didn’t have any record of any orders for testing. Plus they couldn’t figure out who I’d spoken with but, they’d get back with me. THEN the lady from Cassville called. No orders. Specifically, nothing on the computer which knows all. She had talked to the pre-admission people and they didn’t know anything about any orders. The surgeon’s office and the anesthesiologist’s office hadn’t written any orders.

Now wait, I said. The woman I spoke to – who answered the phone – in Cassiville said she had the fax in her hand.

The pre-admission nurse, by the way, still hadn’t gotten back with me.

Shirley, who must be a very nice lady, was on the hunt for the fax. She did call back. She found the fax. The fax was sent on the same letterhead as faxes that go to medical records and medical records had it and didn’t know what to do with it. And – it was signed by the surgeon. You know, the one that didn’t order any tests.

And, by the way, who the hell uses faxes anymore anyway?

And it just doesn’t sound as funny when I write it down. But it was. Shirley and I laughed out loud. I stopped short of rolling on the floor, however. The smilies make it funnier, right?

Oh, and the pre-admission nurse got back with me a little after 7:00 pm.


6 thoughts on “really, it was funny”

    1. It was mostly sitting around waiting for phone calls for me.

      And I got the time. Freaking 8 AM. Poor Bob has to drive an extra half hour, too, to come get me. May as well not sleep because I’m worried I will oversleep like I did when I had to get Zoe up for her surgery at 8 AM.


  1. Talk about the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing! I, too, wonder about the faxing aspects of this story. Don’t these people know about this newfangled thing called the computer with email & cloud storage & the like?

    [All our docs + labs + pharmacies are connected via some medical records system that makes paperwork nonexistent. Not so with you?]


    1. That’s the thing, Ally, they are connected. I get tests done here and poof, the results are there. But my rehab nurses tell me they have to write stuff down, enter it into the computer, then enter it into the other computer because their computers don’t talk to each other from 3 feet apart. And I still don’t get the faxes.


    1. Nah, it was so ridiculous you would have had to laugh.

      The time has been changed to 9 AM. That’s pretty funny, too.


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