I’ve stressed myself out overnight, certain that when I get to rehab today I will find that Bob is not going to be able to drive me after all. God, I just want this stupid thing over with. The surgery itself is such a non-event, why does all the crap leading up to it have to be so nuts? I need to call this morning and get the blood work and ekg scheduled.

I also spent half the night reading what I have come to think of as “The Potato Peel” book. I’ve read a number of books over the years about the war, most recently Sarah’s Key, and they all have had an emotional impact. I have a friend who spent some time in a concentration camp when he was four, though he never talked much about it. But this is different. I haven’t read the story behind the book but I hope it is based on real stories. Not that I want people to have suffered, but I have come to know these people and care about them and I want them to be real. The only thing that hasn’t rang true to me so far is Juliet’s relationship with the rich man who has felt insufferable from the start. But I suppose, given the time and circumstances, it would be understandable to be swept away for a while. I am hoping she ends up with Dawsey and I cried when we found out about Elizabeth’s death. I am a little sorry that I waited so long to read this but I’m also rather dreading it being over.


5 thoughts on “stress”

  1. Getting everything planned for any sort of medical event is stressful. Now. For some reason. Hope that all goes as planned.

    Glad that you like the book. ‘Tis a delight.


  2. Bob is very kindly driving – yay! This has been such a chore I was sure something else would go wrong. Ally – do you mean I’m not the only one that totally stresses out at this stuff??

    The book is lovely.


  3. Zazzy, hope all goes well for you and you get sorted out soon. Haven’t read the book you mention but I did get the DVD of Julie and Julia the other day, the film based around the Julia Child book you recommended the other week, which I must also get hold of. Julia Child sounds like quite a character! Have you read any Primo Levi? Stunning writing. Polly


    1. Actually, Julie and Julia was based on a book by Julie Powell which was based on her blog which I can’t find online anymore. I can’t remember whether I read her book but I watched the movie and I thought the parts about Julia Child were really interesting.

      I’m looking up Primo Levi even as week speak!


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