So, last night I found myself listening to myself as I explained to Zoe, as though she understood me, that while crunchies are a right, fancy feast is a privilege. And it’s a privilege that kitties that bite do not get. Good luck to me with that. My brother used to give me a hard time for telling my cats that their behavior was inappropriate.

Oddly enough, it worked. Okay, chances are that she just knew I was mad at her but she behaved herself the rest of the night and got a little fancy feast before bed.


6 thoughts on “explanations”

  1. I say–go for it! You may have a rare trainable cat. She won’t necessarily pay attention to your words, but she may notice that she only gets the yummy wet food when she hasn’t been mean. 😉


  2. I wish that I had thought to be this reasonable with our cats. Your explanation of the rule & consequence for breaking the rule is precise. I’m sure that Zoe understood you. She’s a smart kitty cat.


  3. I’m not sure how bright she is – or trainable – but her behavior has been better today, other than the ritual morning attack of my feet. We shall see.


  4. Jack and I have conversations every morning, normally when he follows me into the bathroom because he is convinced that there’s no way I could possibly pee without him there. Sometimes those conversations are some of the most intelligent ones I have all day 😉


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