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It’s been such a week. I’ve had a rotten cold most of the week though I’m much better now. It’s interesting, sort of, with this stupid surgery coming up that I totally stressed about a cold. Nothing you can really do about it. I think I just like to worry.

On the plus side, I think I finally have a ride to the hospital. I wish I was still in Wyoming where I’d have half a dozen friends willing to do this. Other potential rides fell through but my friend Bob from rehab looks like he’s going to be able to do it. I really hate asking anyone – I hate HATE HATE not being independent. I did my pre-admission thing over the phone on Tuesday and she not only wants someone to drive me – and to have proof of that – but thinks someone should spend the night with me. Dad is in the house, that’s good enough. This is a 5 minute surgery that doesn’t even require general anesthesia. I refuse to worry about that part. Have you had surgery lately by the way? Special soap for two showers, must have clean sheets and clean towels and clean jammies. For a half inch incision.

On the minus side, I was finally well enough to go to rehab today and made it not quite a mile from the house when my tire blew out. It was, of course, raining. But, could have been far worse. I was barely moving and was able to pull right off into the driveway of my storage unit. I could have gone and visited my stuff while I was waiting for the fellow from the shop to come and change my tire. I also had a brand new full sized spare and so I was able to replace just one tire and put the somewhat used tire in the trunk as my spare. Got my oil changed, too, since I was there and it only cost me $186.

Did I mention I’m trying to save money? I’m really trying not to spend money on things I don’t really need. Oh well. We didn’t crash or mess up the rim or anything like that.

I found today (on a link to Letters of Note. I think I’m developing a real fascination with other people’s letters. I’m still reading As Always, Julia. I’ve found I need to break it up a bit but whenever I pick it back up I am right back into that “just a few more pages” place. Anyway, THIS LETTER totally made me cry. I’m loving the glimpse into other people’s lives. It’s a little voyeuristic, I suppose. And now I’m feeling compelled to read Simone de Beauvoir’s Letter’s to Sarte. It’s been on my mental list for a long time but there’s just something about reading letters that I’m really enjoying right now. Feel free to recommend other letter collections.

A somewhat strange book recommendation I’ve been meaning to make is Cake Icing, Butt Budder and Tea Lids. It is, I suppose, basically a romance and not something I’d typically recommend. I don’t completely agree with the main character’s search for the “right man” – but I absolutely love the author’s voice. The story is completely secondary. Plus, even the right man thing is not what you expect. I love Jezze’s mother who feels more creative topless and decorates the cakes for their business semi-nude. If you want to read something light and just enjoy the hell out of listening in your head, give this book a try. And by the way, I don’t know about you but I always hear the accent when I’m reading. When I’m reading a British book I end up talking with a light British accent. I was a tiny bit Cajun after this book. I really hope someone reads this (it’s still only 99¢ on Kindle) and tells me what they think.

Nothing much else going on this week.


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  1. Love your new banner. I would hate not being independent either. I know my husband hates it too. 😦 I’ve read several excellent epistolary(sp?) novels like A Woman of Independent Means and The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society.


    1. I’ve had the Guernsey book on my radar for a while, just haven’t gotten around to buying it. But I downloaded a free preview (generally a couple chapters) today so maybe it’ll spur me into buying the book. The other has some intriguingly mixed reviews – overall good but a few who really don’t like the main character. I’m now quite curious!


    1. Thank you for the offer but after reading the sample (apparently the first 7%) I went ahead and bought the thing. It seems a clever way to avoid the first person v third person conundrum in storytelling. (Is there a second person? I seem to have forgotten. My English teachers would be appalled.)


  2. Must get a Kindle so I can download previews too. Would love to know just a little about each of these books for now as I have, at the present time, 24 books on the shelf waiting to be read. I read in the accent of the narrator, too! Would love to hear your British accent, my American really is not worth even thinking about, but it works for me. 🙂


    1. Samples may be the best part of the Kindle! If I don’t like the book in the first couple chapters, I don’t have to buy it. The bad part is it’s so easy to buy books on impulse.


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