Well, it’s October. Thursday it was 84°, Friday it was 53° and today, it made it up to 46°. It was supposed to be almost 60° but last night got much colder than they anticipated. There’s even talk of a freeze next week. I don’t mind. I like autumn. It drives the summer people away and the lake gets quiet and peaceful. I am hoping we’ve had enough rain the past month or so that we get some nice fall color. So far, the drive to Cassville is looking promising.

autumn trees 2

The last couple of years, we haven’t had that pretty of an autumn. The leaves turned brown and fell off the trees. Not very exciting. So enjoy the vibrant colors of 2007.

But…. Well, I actually did think about this but I didn’t do anything about it yesterday. I didn’t know it was going to get as cold as it did last night. My half of the house is 3/4 underground so it doesn’t get that cold that quickly – once I close the windows at any rate. I haven’t turned on the heat yet – we’ll see if it really does approach freezing in the next few nights.

Upstairs, however, has windows on at least three sides. Maybe four. I think the small bedroom has a window on that side but it doesn’t count. I keep the door closed because of all the crap stored in there. Kitty Kitty doesn’t need to get lost in the mess under the bed. So it got pretty cool up there last night. Dad came down in a panic this morning – at least I was awake – that the thermostat was set at 70 and the house was only 63°! That’s a 13 degree difference!

Okay, we already knew math was beyond him at this point.

“Did you turn on the heat?” I asked.

He insisted that everything was set properly – but then, he later repeatedly insisted that he “never had to” change the thermostat for the season. It’s a heat pump (actually 2 heat pumps) and it has to be switched from air conditioning to heat. I told him that I would go upstairs and fix it but he still needed to go stand in front of the breakers and stare at them – and I hope not touch them. Yes, the thermostat needed to be switched to heat. No surprise. I pushed the little button, the heat came on and I went downstairs and told Dad. He had to keep staring at the breakers. He argued about it for a while. Insisted again that he has never done that (switched from air to heat) and it makes me sad. Yes, it’s a little frustrating but it’s mostly so damn sad. And it’s October in southern Missouri. Chances are we will have some hot days again where we will want the air on – and we’ll go through this again. Maybe I will make a sign. He’ll probably just take it down – signs upset him even when he asks me to make him one.

It all makes me sad. I don’t want to feel sad. I want to enjoy the autumn. I want to be looking forward to the holidays – but I’m not. The best I am hoping for is to get through them with as little stress as possible.


2 thoughts on “changes”

  1. Whoa–those are BIG temp changes. Our autumn has been utterly amazing, although the nights are getting chilly. (near 70 during the day, but dropping into the 40s and even 30s at night) Love the blue sky. Changes and deterioration in someone are painful to watch. In the past six months, I’ve watched my husband’s physical condition deteriorate; it breaks my heart. Mental decline might even be worse. Nothing you can do to help. 😦


    1. That’s southern Missouri for you. I wore a t-shirt to go to an appointment in the city one day, it was raining a little when I stopped at Walmart and when I got out, it was snowing.

      I’m not sure that watching either decline is easier. For me, it’s harder this time with Dad because I’ve already been there with Mom and know where it’s going.


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