There’s nothing I like better than driving an hour and a half to see a doctor for 2 minutes. The flipping the port surgery, he says, should take about 5 minutes. Of course, that doesn’t count the sitting around and waiting time or the recovering after time. It’s not general anesthesia, more the twilight drug and if worse comes to worst, I’m driving myself. Has to be a Monday or Wednesday which knocks my first volunteer driver out of the running. We’ll see what I can arrange. Surgeon wasn’t entirely opposed to my driving myself and I imagine I could sit around in the lobby for any remaining sleepiness to go away. We’ll see.

On the plus side, I finally got to PetSmart and bought Zoe some furry mice and feathers on a stick. Plus some food. If she’s going to eat canned food I’d rather it be more nutritious than Fancy Feast. She liked the first option I bought. We’ll see about that, too. I also bought her a small bag of Blue Buffalo – which if she likes I may or may not be able to buy at the Tractor Supply store over in Cassville (but in a larger bag). I’m a big fan of the science behind Blue Buffalo. Stasia didn’t like it but she was a much pickier eater than Zoe. You’d think she’d like a food that is mostly actual meat better than meat by products and wheat and corn gluten. Zoe seemed to think it was a treat. They didn’t have those beds Lel suggested. I really want to see one in person but they aren’t that expensive – I think there was one for about $12 on Amazon – so maybe I’ll just order her one and see what she thinks.

And that was my day.


2 thoughts on “today”

  1. Productive. I like days like that.

    Have to laugh about fussy cats & their food preferences. I went through that for years– never quite knowing for sure if what I brought home would be acceptable. It shakes one’s confidence in her ability to handle all situations. Which is probably a basic principle on the cat manifesto.


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