weekend kitty blogging

I used to participate in weekend cat blogging. Look! They’re still going strong! I should hook up with the WCB folks again…

tabby in box

This is probably my all time favorite photo of Tabatha. She loved boxes and insisted on getting in them no matter what size they were. I always wanted to send this to Adidas with the tag line “Adidas: Even the boxes are comfortable.”

WCB hosted this week at Sidewalk Shoes


4 thoughts on “weekend kitty blogging”

  1. I’d forgotten all about Cat Blog Friday which I think might of been the precursor to this group. I started blogging after our last cat died so I never really had an opportunity to get involved. And there will be no more cats due to my extreme allergies. [Probably should never of had the two that we did.]

    Getting to the point of your post… I love this photo. So perfectly feline. It reminds me of our furry goofballs.


    1. Our friend Lel has a couple of those naked kitties. Or maybe you could get one of those designer hypoallergenic kitties (currently priced between $7000 and $27,000). Or an iguana. My lizard didn’t play fetch but she liked to ride around on my shoulder.


      1. Wow! That’s a lot of money for a little ball of claws, fur & purr. I think that I’ll pass on the designer kitty. And lizards give me the creeps, so maybe pet-free is the way for me to go.


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