sugar sweet

It was a miracle! I got Dad out of the house only 50 minutes after when I told him we had to leave! A half hour of that time was my cushion time. Twenty minutes of it was it-doesn’t-really-matter lab time. So we made it to his urologist on time. He couldn’t give a urine sample since he lost control of his bladder just after we got there. He denies that is incontinence. He wet himself again after the scoping so you can be sure riding in the car was fun. Oh well, being old sucks. Or can suck at any rate. The good news is that his bladder was clear and he doesn’t have to go back for six months.

My appointment with Dr. G&P went well. He’s such a good guy and he listens. I’m starting insulin again. I’m less afraid of it this time. The thing about type 2 diabetes is that it gets worse. Gradually the beta cells in the pancreas stop working. It also gets worse when you gain weight. Excess weight increases insulin resistance which raises blood sugar which causes increased cravings for carbohydrates which increases weight… I took insulin before I lost weight, I lost weight and my insulin resistance went down. In theory, once my sugar is back in check I will be able to deal with the carbs better – and my stomach will settle down and I’ll be able to eat the nice vegetables and stuff that I can’t eat now. I could lose weight again and get back off insulin again. Anyway, he put me on lantus for basal insulin and apidra for fast acting insulin for meals. Unfortunately, my insurance doesn’t cover apidra so the super-fast acting new cool insulin is out of my reach. We’ll see what happens next. Probably humalog or novolog. I look forward to feeling better anyway.

Dr. G&P is also supposed to help with the social services thing. Not sure what happens next there, either.


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  1. Diabetes sounds like no fun at all. I’m happy to know that you have a plan of action that you’re comfortable with– but sorry that you have to have such a plan. Ever onward, eh?


  2. I’m terrified because diabetes runs in my family and I have very bad habits, although I’m reasonably thin. My mom’s struggles with her diabetes makes me nervous, although the new stuff she’s on is keeping her very well regulated. I don’t remember the name of it though. The rest of your news sounds very positive, minus the stinky ride home in the car.


  3. Diabetes just sounds like a vicious circle and as Ally said, not much fun at all. Glad you have got some kind of treatment plan sorted out, hope it makes things better. Glad you got your dad out of the house for his appointment, that’s progress. Sorry about the awful journey home, though. Polly


  4. It’s more an inconvenience than anything else at this time. I suppose the potential complications are the scariest part – I live with a certain amount of denial but keeping my blood sugar under control can help keep away some very scary things. That’s why it’s so stupid when I don’t.


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