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When I started searching for answers on how to get urine smell out of clothes, all I found at the time was about babies. Since I’ve developed a routine that works for us, I’m posting this for the people who need to get urine stains and smells out of adult clothing and bedding. I’m not recommending this for babies and little kids – I don’t know whether the products I use would be safe for sensitive baby skin.

So, this is for the people caring for persons with Alzheimer’s or Dementia or other disorders that cause incontinence.

One of the characteristics of Alzheimer’s and dementia, by the way, is a refusal to change soiled clothing. If you are fighting with this, know that it’s normal for the situation although very frustrating. Some people have better luck than I do getting their loved one to change his/her clothes. In our case, Dad is incontinent and won’t change his clothes, sometimes for weeks. There isn’t a realistic way for me to take his clothes away when he’s undressed for bed or whatever, so it’s a stand-off. He’s refusing a bath aide but we’ll be talking to his doctor about that next month.

So anyway, back to laundry. If you’ve wandered by this post searching for answers, I’d love to hear any ideas for other methods. I tried a lot of different products and this is what works for me.

I wash all of Dad’s laundry twice. In hot water. The first load, I use 2-4 tablespoons of Lysol Concentrate Disinfectant. This kills the germs lurking in the laundry and does a good job killing the odors as well. The detergent I use is Tide Sport. This is supposedly designed to help with difficult odors and I think it helps. For us, it does not do enough if I use it alone, which is why the first wash includes Lysol.

Second wash is normal, with the Tide Sport as the detergent and normal fabric softener. I use unscented softener as the Tide has a significant scent already. The second wash is necessary, in my opinion, to wash out the Lysol odor which is not pleasant and because the clothes have been swishing around in urine water during the first wash. I want them to be as clean as possible.

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    1. Apparently there’s a large difference between baby clothes that you wash right away and old man pants that he refuses to change for days or weeks. But they used to use Lysol to wash baby diapers. It’s not on the packaging anymore so I wonder if it was found to be too harsh or something.


  1. I don’t know if this stuff will do what you are after but I use it with cool water and everything comes out clean and fresh smelling. I also use liquid Tide or Era and a fabric softener with this stuff. I put a quarter cup of the cleaner in a giant load of laundry and I use the oil (5 or 6 drops) on a sock or wash cloth in the dryer. My clothes come out fresh and without any odd smells or at least ones that aren’t pleasant. And FYI I do not have a problem with incontinence. This stuff is expensive and is sold here or you can try making it yourself but that is a really big hassle. Be well Sweets.


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