lyrical life continuing

Seriously, this is just so I can keep track of what I’m doing with the Lyrica and how it acts for me. I know from experience that I will do a better job of that here than I will in a notebook. I wonder why that is. Perhaps I’m a secret exhibitionist?

Anyway, I had decided to wean off the Lyrica in favor of getting my blood sugar under control first. I’ll probably be starting insulin in some form. Dr. G&P wanted me to come in before my June appointment but there’s just so much I need to do around here and… well it’s generally impossible to get an afternoon appointment with him in under 3 months. It’s only an extra couple weeks.

I’ve been off the Lyrica completely about 2 weeks. It reminds me of when I decided that I could switch from prescription Voltaren (an anti-inflammatory) to Aleeve. Turns out that the Voltaren does more than I thought. Sure, I’ve still got pain in my knees while on it but wow, the Aleeve doesn’t come close to managing the inflammation. I still hurt while taking Lyrica and the side effects – including tiredness and problems with word find – are annoying, the pain difference in not taking it is extraordinary. Could still be coincidence as the pain tends to be somewhat cyclical. At any rate, I decided to go back on the Lyrica for another month and see what happens. It’s expensive, even with insurance, so it has to really benefit me. And I have to weigh the pain benefit versus the side effects. Apparently, I get to go through an adjustment period again. I hope it’s faster than the first time.

Current side effects, for the record: a fuzziness, sort of a feeling of disconnection. Tiredness. Oh, but much better sleep.


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  1. Fascinating description of what the meds do to you. I doubt that most ppl are as self-aware as you are. With your ability to keep track of the details I’d guess that you should be able to figure out the best combo to make you feel more whole. Good job Zazzy.


    1. You must have an interesting definition of fascinating! I just want to be able to track what’s happening so when I talk with Dr. G&P we can decide on a strategy.


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