it’s a weird world

Remember those silly pastries I bought Dad and he promptly lost? I found them yesterday while making space in his fridge for the groceries I bought him. Tucked at the back of the bottom of the fridge. And neither of us had seen them in all this time. At least the mystery is solved.


7 thoughts on “it’s a weird world”

    1. I need to clean out Dad’s freezer and fridge again. I get rid of the most obvious stuff and it’s scary to look at the stuff further back.


  1. I’m pretty good at keeping the frig/freezer under control, but it’s the spices/herbs that get way too old to use– like years & years too old. I never figure this out before I go to the grocery so when I start to cook/bake I end up substituting something we have on hand, or doing without. Seems like I could do better with this.


    1. I order almost all my spices from Penzeys in the small 1/4 cup size, which helps keep me from having ancient spices. They are fresher, I think, than the stuff in the grocery store and cost about the same provided I’m making a big enough order than the shipping doesn’t hurt. Plus, if you use cocoa they have the absolute best cocoa. And flaked Kosher salt which I cannot buy around here.

      And no, they don’t pay me to say these things. I wish they would!


  2. Oh! I must tell silly spice story. I once bought red pepper flakes in one of those restaurant sized packages at Sam’s or Costco. When I make spaghetti sauce, I make it in a big pot and package it into single meal servings and freeze it. Well, without noticing, I was adding more and more pepper to the sauce as the pepper flakes got older and older. When I finally ran out and bought new, I added my usual palm-sized amount – and then had to double or triple the amount of sauce I was making to compensate. It was nearly as hot as the time the store was out of jalapenos and I thought that little bitty orange pepper couldn’t be that hot…


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