herbs (and kitties) gone wild

The herb garden is growing like mad – as are the weeds in the bed above it. I didn’t take a picture today because the parsley had fallen over and tried to smush the oregano. Parsley is now in a tomato cage and when it looks nicer again, I’ll grab a snapshot. Catnip and mint and – well everything else – is full and lush.

And Zoe seems to enjoy fresh ‘nip. Many of the snaps I took were blurry with the rolling around on it part. Her tummy is looking pretty good, too.

fresh catnip


7 thoughts on “herbs (and kitties) gone wild”

  1. We haven’t been able to put our herbs outside yet. Still some frost around here. But I have the starts all ready to go in the kitchen, so maybe this weekend I’ll get the herbs going. To me this marks the beginning of summer– calendar be damned.


  2. I had the heat on a few nights last week Ally. Of course, that doesn’t stop the herbs from growing. I can now tell mint from catnip by the way.

    You know what’s funny about Zoe? I’m getting used to tiny-cat so that her size seems normal. Tommy from next door visited yesterday and damn Zoe is small! She is a pretty kitty Margaret. A little more stripey than she was but still very pretty.

    And you should get one Hannah!


  3. She does look a bit more relaxed. This may sound awful but it is something the vet told me to do to Pumpkin Head when she was a kitten and doing that biting thing. He told me to bite her on the ear just enough so that it is a pinch bite and one time took care of the problem. That is what mother cats do if they have a kitten that bites. Not sure if it will work with Zoe since she is older but cannot hurt to try. Be well Sweets.


    1. Actually, it can hurt quite badly to try. I used that with Stasia and it worked pretty well. With Zoe, she turned and bit my nose. Ow.


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