change of behavior

So this morning Zoe has had a complete change of behavior. She went from “I will bite you if you pet me” to “Pet me Pet me Pet me.” And, of course, she is sticking her butt up in the air while wanting to be pet and rubbed. Ah yes, I think we’ve answered the question of whether or not she has been spayed. (why do I always misspell spayed?)

pet me

Look at that face! That is the face of a kitty who is scheduled for surgery on April 19th.


3 thoughts on “change of behavior”

  1. Stasia always knew when we were going to the vet. I’d try so hard not to do anything – like get out her carrier – before I corralled her and still, she’d be hiding.

    I may have to turn on the air conditioner. I’m not comfortable with just the screen doors if an unaltered male wanders by…


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