catching up again

My energy level is really low. This isn’t news but it’s particularly frustrating with all the beautiful weather we’re having. I saw my nurse practitioner on Tuesday and have agreed to try Lyrica. It has the possibility of getting the pain under control which could improve sleep which would improve energy and mood. And the sun will shine every day and peace will come to all people. I went to pick up the prescription yesterday and found that the insurance company requires pre-approval so it’ll be another week or two before I can see if it works. On the one hand, it’s been this long – what’s another week or two. On the other, it nearly reduced me to tears. I did pick up a script for Ambien which is only useful for me on an occasional basis but perhaps will get me a few days better sleep and get me back on track.

It’s been a difficult week with Dad. He got into a loop the other night about taxes and bill paying and the amount of money in his accounts. I go over this stuff with him periodically but he can’t remember and sometimes, we loop through the same 4 or 5 questions every two minutes until my patience runs out. On the sort of plus side, I snapped about his refusal to change his clothes and he finally changed them yesterday. It is hard to be in the same room with him when I can’t breathe because he smells so bad. He suggested putting up signs to remind him and I will do that again. He got mad the last time I did and took them down. They also didn’t actually help but what the hell? They’ve also been digging trenches and putting in the new water lines from the new mains to the houses. He can’t remember what is being done and why so I wrote it down for him. He sits with the paper in front of him and looks toward the noise. “What are they doing? I’d like to know what they are doing?”

I’m working with Zoe on not biting. She’s making progress in some ways but she’s got this idea that first thing in the morning I would really enjoy any part of me sticking out from the quilt to be bitten. I think it’s a game with her. She curls up in my quilt and tries to bite through it, rolling around on her back. It is, however, not amusing. Especially when she goes for my face. But she is making overall progress. Still bites too much, though. When Stasia was Zoe’s age I repeatedly threatened to throw her outside and make her an outside cat. Probably Zo will get through this phase, too.

p.s., The spam has decreased significantly since I reinstalled Bad Behavior. Eight spam in the queue rather than 192. That is really much easier to deal with.


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  1. Oooh, biting cats are no fun. We have mainly scratching one. We have both lyrica and ambien in our house. Haven’t tried the ambien yet though.


    1. Ambien gets trumped by pain if I don’t time it just right… Scratching is improving faster than biting most times.


    1. Seriously thought about it – but it would require sneaking upstairs at 1-2 AM, tripping around his bedroom and trying to disassemble the suspenders, belt, change….


  2. We had a cat who liked to bite me when I was studying. I got fed up one day and immediately after he bit me, I bit him back. On the front leg. Hard.

    He was so stunned that thereafter all I had to do was growl at him and show him my teeth, and he’d back down from trying to bite me. My approach was unorthodox, but effective. Our vet loved it.

    I know nothing about the drugs that you are talking about, but hope that they are useful in helping you regain your energy. Will enjoy reading about your evaluation of how they help you (or not).


    1. I’ve used biting the ear technique. It doesn’t work well with Zoe because most of the problem behaviors are pounce and bite. Sometimes, it really looks like play – like she would pounce on a littermate. Other times, it is aggressive and clearly not play. But we’re working on it. I sometimes use canned air – which I like better than a spray bottle of water – but never seem to have it with me when I need it.

      Lyrica is used to treat fibromyalgia. I still have some issues with that diagnosis and went over it with the NP. Apparently there’s no real test besides the poking test. I still say, Hey! You poked me! Of course it hurts!


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