“Zoe is destined to be a calendar kitty. She doesn’t take a bad photo!” ~Ally Bean

Well, she is really very cute. She is also very healthy, per Dr. B and that counts as part of my daily gratitude. He says that she is a full grown tiny cat – which I had come to believe already. She has the bone structure of a Siamese although her face is not as sharp. He says she’s around a year old and he couldn’t tell if she has been spade spayed so we get to wait to see if she goes into heat. How often does a cat go into heat? I will have to Google that. On the plus side (daily gratitude #2) she is apparently not pregnant. She travels pretty well but was a little stressed out about the whole thing.

And for #3 – it’s 72°F and I have the doors open letting the fresh air in.


6 thoughts on “plbbtt”

  1. What a sweet kitty!! I love her face and her tongue. My older daughter would steal her if she ever visited you. She is hungering for a cat!! 72 degrees? Amazing.


  2. Enjoying your gratitude series … sometimes it’s the little things, right? Like cream cheese. And the story of the missing/stolen pastries made me laugh. =) Your Zoe is a sweetie. (You’ll know if she goes in to heat — no mistaking it.)


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