welcome zoe

My friend and nurse Tiffanie from Rehab rescued a stray cat and thought of me. She described Zoe as the sweetest, prettiest little cat. Her own cat didn’t like Zoe and Zoe didn’t like her dogs so she went to live in her husband’s shop where she hid under the sofa. A safe life, but not a very fun one.


So she has come to live with me. She spent the evening exploring the house. She knows where her food and her water and her litter box are and although she’s a little skittish, she wants to be wherever I am. At least she’s not hiding under the bed. She slept on me for a while as I watched an episode of Supernatural but got startled awake and a little panicky. On the plus side, she came right back to me after I set her down.

I’ve missed having a cat. I still see Stasia everywhere and am careful when I open the door out of habit. I hope that Zoe and I get to be good friends.

Oh, and Fancy Feast is the food of the gods. What am I thinking putting out this dry stuff when I clearly have Fancy Feast in the cupboard?

Better pictures to come tomorrow when it’s light. The flash shots were really horrible.


8 thoughts on “welcome zoe”

  1. She’s Siamese on the top of her head and down her back and Stripey Cat on her feets and face. I’m not sure someone didn’t sew together two different kitties. And yes, her eyes are very blue. I’m hoping to get a better picture today.


  2. She is a beautiful kitty–love her coloring! The fact that she’s already bonding to you is a good sign. She trusts you! Zoe is a fortunate cat to live in your home with the Fancy Feast. (I think that’s what our Kendra eats, but only the seafood grilled; she’s spoiled)


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