not the police

I’ve got this stupid song stuck in my head. If I could remember even a fragment of lyric, I might be able to find it and dispel it but No!

It goes like this:

La la la laaa – la la. La la la laaa – la la. La la la laaa – la la.

And there’s some more of that then I’m pretty sure someone shouts “Oh no!”

What? You don’t know it?

Same song stuck in my head a week or so ago but fortunately went away. Now it’s back with a vengeance. What more can I tell you? It’s from the 80s, a movie I think, kind of techno. And I don’t think it was the Police or Genesis.

I’m operating on the premise that my subconscious is trying to tell me something really important. Or not.


I found a virtual keyboard so anyone really interested in trying to find this song can go there and play the following.

E A C1 B A E
E A C1 B A F
F A C1 B A E

Virtual Keyboard

Of course it doesn’t give you the rhythm but it might trigger something.


4 thoughts on “not the police”

  1. The keyboard is fun, isn’t it? The voice suddenly hit me and then it took like three seconds to find the song. Not from a movie, though.


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