Stasia and I went back to the vet today. She has been eating less and less since last week when she saw him and lay sprawled out on the floor wherever she was. She ate the fiber okay, when she was eating at all. Yesterday she ate about a teaspoon of yogurt and less than a tablespoon of cooked chicken. I’ve tried everything I know that might tempt her.

We did blood tests today. The skin around her ears and the whites of her eyes are a little yellowish. And her liver is failing. The vet gave her a shot to stimulate her appetite and some pills which, if we’ve caught it early, may buy her a little time. All we can do is try to get her to eat – and she did eat her dinner well when we got home – and see if the pills help. Just age, he thinks. She’ll be 14 in a few weeks.

My baby.

stasia and fudgesicle


6 thoughts on “stasia”

  1. Oh, I hate that. Our Kendra is 16 and has stopped eating today–which isn’t normal for her at all. I’ll give it another day or two before I go to the vet.


  2. I hope Kendra feels much better today. It’s so hard to guess with these furry babies when they’re really sick. Stasia has not eaten anything since last night so it’s not looking good here. She spent the morning hiding behind the couch for no apparent reason but at least she’s out and walking around and drank a little water.


  3. It’s so heartbreaking when we can do nothing but sit and watch our babies fade away. I know there is absolutely nothing I can say or do, but know that I understand.


  4. I finally got her to eat a tiny bit tonight, but it’s not enough. If she doesn’t eat, her liver fails faster. Will talk to the vet tomorrow.


  5. Thinking of you and Stasia. It was so very hard letting go of Frankie when her time came. You are such a good mommy to Stasia and I know that she loves you so very much. Sending *hugs*.


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