good monday morning

Wanted: Inspiration for a Monday morning post. One that doesn’t involve complaining. It’s another gray day and photos of the tree that isn’t there don’t seem all that interesting. Also, it’s too cold to go stand outside and take pictures of the tree that isn’t there. Not that I’m complaining. I looked at the NaBloPoMo prompts and didn’t feel instantly inspired. Ditto the deep questions websites. I’m not feel deep this morning.

I’m feeling clean. I just got out of the shower. I’m feeling tired. I’m continuing to have a couple hours of awake time in the middle of the night. I’m feeling kind of bored, actually.

One of the Tree Guy crew is supposed to be over today to fix the garage window that they broke taking down the tree that isn’t there. I hate waiting. I don’t feel like waiting today.

Grumpy. Perhaps I’m grumpy today!


2 thoughts on “good monday morning”

  1. Being grumpy on a Monday morning is NOT unusual. I was crabby too–about getting up at 5, about having to go to work, about scheduling snafus with appts. Bah.


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