the rules you live by

I’m feeling a little tired and grumpy this morning. Mmm, that’s perhaps an understatement. It’s tempting to just whine and complain: I’m not sleeping….I’m all stressed…. But, Ally at the Spectacled Bean had a great post this morning about the rules you live by.

My personal rules include saying Please and Thank You. I was certainly taught that as a child but I’ve also become really sensitive to people around me demanding things. Come here, stand there, give me that… I try to be very conscious of saying Please and Thank you, and meaning them.

But her first rule, “Arrive pre-amused” struck a chord with me. My attitude lately has been more along the lines of “Arrive assuming it’s going to suck.” Attitude matters. Most of the time you can’t change the world around you – but you can change your attitude about it. It’s not as easy as it sounds. What’s the line? Assume the worst? Either you’ll be pleasantly surprised or proven correct. It feels so much easier to assume the worst it but sure as hell doesn’t make life any easier or make me feel happier.

Other personal rules? I’m not sure. I’ll think about that. What about you?


8 thoughts on “the rules you live by”

  1. Beats me! You know, one of Gibbs’ most famous rules is never apologize. I have never understood the logic behind that unless it’s a don’t-appear-weak thing. I’m going to have to add “Say you’re sorry when you are” to my list.


  2. One of my new rules in my new life is “don’t make up stories”. I try not to make assumptions about what other people are thinking, or about what their motivations are. I try to stay curious about what’s really going on, and I try to listen better and ask more questions.

    I love the pre-amused rule…I’m going to try that one. Keep up the great posts Zazzy!


  3. Arriving pre-aumsed reminds me of something I heard long ago along the lines of two women set off separately for a shopping trip in London but when the train arrives in London it’s pouring. One is cursing, her hair is flat, her shoes wet, her day is ruined, the other one hops into a coffee shop or Harvey Nicks or something and has a lovely time drinking coffee, buying pretty frocks and people watching. Same situation, same weather coming down on the two ladies, different reactions.


  4. I like that! In real life, I’m probably somewhere in between the two extremes. I’d be unlikely to let the rain spoil my day but I’m sure I’d be bitching and moaning about it some. I do really like the idea of being pre-amused. It seems like it’s not just a Pollyanna “see the bright side” sort of thing but more a pre-disposition to have a positive attitude. I haven’t always been this grumpy!


  5. I would like to be more up front, if I could figure out a way to do so. I feel like I get taken advantage of quite a bit and need to SAY SOMETHING, versus just ranting on my blog. 🙂


    1. I probably need to say something more often, too. Unfortunately, I was taught a very passive-aggressive way of dealing with annoying people and I try to avoid that as much as possible. Instead, I remind myself that everyone is fighting a hard battle (Plato) and let go of as many minor irritations as I can. And then I rant on the blog :).


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