Happy Halloween!

When I lived in Wyoming, Halloween was traditionally the first big snow of the year. I just checked the weather there, looks like they are off a day but a cold rain/snow mix is predicted for tonight. Stay warm little kids in Wyoming!

We don’t get kids down here. No one in their right mind would brave walking the roads on this level at night. We used to get a few kids being driven around by their parents but I think even that is pretty crazy. If I could figure out a good way to take a picture of the driveway, I would. The roof of the house is lower than the road. The bottom of the car scrapes against the concrete when we pull into the carport. It is, in a word, steep.

I used to enjoy handing out candy. Probably the last place I lived where I had a lot of kids coming by was Atichison. And that was what? 1987? My dog, Fred, hated trick or treaters and I usually had to shut him in the back bedroom during peak trick or treat time. I remember one year, after the kids had gone and the lights were off, the doorbell rang and there was a teenager just jumping up to scare me as I opened the door. At the same moment, Fred came out from behind me like a monster in his own right barking his fool head off. Kid jumping forward was suddenly jumping backward. I’m glad it was a pretty big porch. You just can’t script – or catch on camera – those moments.

I don’t have pictures of Fred looking scary – he was a camera whore. If I got out the camera, he’d stop whatever he was doing and pose.

Except this one. Doesn’t he look vicious?


2 thoughts on “boo!”

    1. I thought I did. I had a dog for a weekend that I got from the pound – mostly because I felt sorry for him. He was 8 years old and huge and hairy. He idolized Stasia although he was like 10x her size. He would follow her and she would turn around and glare at him – and he’d sit down. If she hissed at him, he would lay down. It was cute. But I left him at home for 2 hours and he destroyed the house. He pulled down all the blinds, was up on the dining room table and broke a bunch of stuff. Our vet said there was no way we would be able to train it out of him. His old people were supposed to come back to get him if no one wanted him, and I hope they did.

      I think I want a dog from time to time. But I can’t walk a dog right now and it’s not a good place for a dog to run around unfenced (though many weekenders do that) and I can’t leave him alone for a day or two. Perhaps one day. Then again, Fred may have been my “lifetime dog.” He was just perfect except for his habit of wanting to eat people. 🙂


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