my how time flies

Well I really did intend to write more often but things have been moving so quickly. And yet so slowly. Or if not slowly, perhaps interminably. Does packing ever end? Every time I think we’re done more stuff appears that requires packing. I think we’re done – other than I need to finish packing the last of my clothes tonight.

Tonight because we move tomorrow.


This is the new house.i had a total meltdown when I signed the contract. All I wanted to do was call my mom. Most of the time, I feel like I’ve handled the grief well since I truly believe that they are better off, but this was a major life event and I just wanted to talk to my mom about it. She would have been so excited and I know she would have wanted to be there and to help me get settled and everything.

I’ll be offline for a few days but since I’m posting so infrequently, who is going to notice?

I hope everyone had a good holiday and I hope to get back into the posting habit. I have scary tests coming up but I’m hoping there is a solution (that doesn’t involve surgery) for my back pain. I still can’t sit at my desk for any length of time and typing on the laptop is damned annoying!

no news is boring

I had hoped to have news, which is one of the reasons I’ve put off writing the last few days. Perhaps tomorrow.

Let’s see, we started looking at houses almost two weeks ago. Wow. Turns out that houses in my price range may look good online but in person, they are awful. A couple we didn’t even bother going in to look around. One, we opened the door and were nearly knocked off our butts by the mold and mildew smell. That particular house had the most peculiar island situated barely a foot from the cabinets. You couldn’t have opened the drawers or doors. Turned out that it was a bizarre trap door to the “basement.” The inside of the lid was covered with black mold. You’d have to be insane to buy it unless you planned to tear it down.

Another had a closet sized second bathroom that my walker wouldn’t fit through the door, and if it had I still couldn’t have moved around in it. It had a newish looking cooktop that didn’t work and no oven anywhere. Plus every door in the place was beaten up and needed to be replaced. Still another had old wooden windows with gaps between the window and frame.

So I had to move out of my price comfort zone. One just needed too much work. One, the house beside it and the one across the street were probably abandoned before being foreclosed on – apparently there’s a water issue there. But I did find one I liked. It has been well maintained and has a new gas cooktop and wall oven. The bathroom is nice and the floors are all original hardwood. It will need a ramp in the garage but it’s a large garage with plenty of storage.

And then started the arguing about price. The seller thinks it’s worth more per square foot than other houses in the area that have been updated. We supposedly agreed on a price but I have not got the contract back from them yet. And of course, if they have signed it still needs to be inspected.

Climbing up the two incredibly tall steps in that house laid me out for most of the week. At least i think that is what caused it. I’m back to my normal level of pain. I’m on the too stressed out to eat diet which is possibly a benefit.

I will write more when I find out more.

UPDATE: Well, we’re under contract. The inspection is Tuesday and I guess I’ll know then whether we’re going through with this. I’ll be really disappointed if there are major problems. I really don’t want to continue house hunting. It isn’t as fun as I’d hoped.



oh. my. word.

Two months and I haven’t written a word. I wonder if anyone will even find me over here. Ah well, I’m here now.

When last we visited, I was writing about my back pain. Physical therapy got delayed and my pain got worse until I just gave up trying to stand upright. It’s hard to explain but there’s this odd little catch in my back that makes me scream when I try to push it past a certain point. And it turns out that while walking bent over my walker is not a long term solution, it decreased my pain significantly. I think not irritating that nerve all the time decreased the inflammation.

PT finally got going and helped with some flexibility but still didn’t allow me to stand all the way upright. I can get almost vertical but almost vertical is a nearly impossible position to try to walk. So walking hunched over I still am. Not ideal.

I failed an MRI. I don’t think that anyone got just how claustrophobic I am. A couple of Ativan did nothing. I just had a CT scan this week so we’ll see if that gives them enough information. The general consensus is that it is likely an impinged nerve and might require surgery. It might be able to be treated with an injection to kill the nerve or nerves. That sounds marginally better than surgery.

I spent two or three weeks laying down most of the time. Once we made some changes in my medications, I was able to get moving again but it turns out I had to develop sitting tolerance again. If I have a bad day and rest too much, sitting is harder the next day. It’s fun.

And now the irony.

I accepted that the house just wasn’t going to sell before winter… And who in their right mind would come down here looking for houses during the winter? I thought I’d just take it off the market for a while if I needed surgery.

And so it immediately sold. I haven’t gotten the official paperwork back yet but presumably we’re under contract. They wanted to close December 16th and when I stopped laughing, we offered January 9th.

I have some packing and cleaning to do downstairs. My young friend will help me and I think that is the least of my stress. It’s more that there is Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s and my birthday in between. In the space between holidays I need to find a house, get it inspected (and hope it’s okay), hire movers, do all the utility whatnot, and deal with the health stuff. My new realtor and I are going to look at some houses next Tuesday. I hope I find something I like quickly and everything goes smoothly. Is that just wishful thinking? Perhaps.

But one day at a time, right?

I am, if you haven’t noticed, way behind on other things. I am reading other blogs but rarely commenting – it’s part of the whole sitting up for long thing. But I’m doing some better and I hope to be around more – also I want to get back in the habit of writing. To wit, I have a vague plan and I need some help.

I will update medical information perhaps weekly but I don’t want to write about it all the time. It’s not that interesting. Still, I should probably keep my bloggy friends informed so if I disappear briefly, no one worries.

I’d like to try some memes or prompts which I will likely steal from other blogs. Things like 5 random things Sundays. Ideas – this is where I need help. I need ideas. I need to get back into a writing routine. Writing is good for me.

Nice to be back.

Oh, and by the way, I’m a bit frustrated with WordPress. It transferred everything the way it said it would, but it didn’t change the image links, or at least not all of them, so many images are dead links now. I may get around to fixing them over time but there are far, far too many posts between the two blogs for it to happen very quickly. Perhaps I’ll use it for sitting tolerance exercises. 🙂



some changes and explanations



Oh, where to start? I really didn’t intend to pause this long. One of my goals this year was not to whine but I suppose those friends who have stuck around might want to know what’s going on. Last January I had a sudden, extreme pain in my back which was probably a disc slipping/herniating/rupturing. Something beyond the arthritis or fibro at any rate. Pain has gotten worse. I can’t sit or stand or lay down comfortably. Nothing has really helped. I start physical therapy soon and perhaps that will help. But that, along with the sorting and packing and all, is much of what is keeping me away from the computer.

The blogs are moving. This one will be at – already is, actually. Chickens and Eggs is now at I can’t justify spending money I don’t have to maintain a private domain for these little blogs, blogs that are for the most part inactive anyway. Maybe one day I will move again but for now, I’m moving to free hosting. There will be less customization and my project pages will disappear.

The picture is Charlie on my walker. He has never done this before and suddenly, there he is, hoping up on the walker like Zoe. Zoe, on the other hand, is sleeping in Charlie’s bed. Cats are just weird, aren’t they?

The house hasn’t sold. We did get one low-ball offer with ridiculous contingencies but my brothers and I decided to pass. Our realtor really pressured me to take the offer which makes me not so comfortable with her. She is in the process of moving herself. Probably I’ll find a new realtor once the contract is up. I’d like to wrap up the probate but I’m not looking forward to moving in my current physical state. Bah.

I will update when I can. I miss the interaction.

odd life


The rooms are echoing around here. I’m sort of getting used to my living room being empty – though I still walk around the chair that isn’t there. My young helper friend consistently puts her keys and phone down on the table that isn’t there. I steer my walker around the boxes that aren’t there and occasionally try to sit in a chair that isn’t there. Upstairs is even worse. At least I have my office and bedroom furniture down here. Upstairs there is nothing.

Which is possibly why the creepy people last weekend thought the house was vacant. I’m guessing that they saw the sign and pulled into the upper drive, looked in the windows and saw nothing there. My neighbor told one set that the house was not vacant and my car was in the lower drive, but they still thought it was acceptable to creep all around the house peering in the windows. If she hadn’t called me to tell me there were people wandering around, they would have scared the hell out of me. In what world is this okay? I’m now keeping the house locked. Typically I don’t lock up when I’m only out running around town – but now? Oh no, I don’t trust the creepy people.

I don’t know what to do about this. Calling the police is pointless. We don’t exactly have local police, they would take at least a half hour to get here. Probably longer. Would a “No Trespassing” sign be tacky? I’m considering making a sign with the realtors’ numbers and making it clear the house is not vacant. Maybe take-away signs. I really don’t want strangers creeping around the house and scaring me.

The cats are getting used to the empty rooms. Charlie spends a lot of time in his chair – it’s the only chair left down here. Zoe, for no known reason, is enjoying hanging out under the shelf in the living room. Of course, she spends a lot of time stretched out on the bed, too. Not sure how she got under the pillow – she’s never done that before. She’s also become fixated with getting upstairs. Someone didn’t close the door completely and she managed to rattle it open. I thought she’d get her thrill looking around the empty rooms and be done with it, but ever since she spends time working at and rattling the door. I don’t want them upstairs. There are lots of cleaners in use and I also don’t need random piles of cat-gak on the floors when legitimate house hunters come touring. But, oooohh. The lure of the locked door.

charlies chair



And my last bit of oddity. I’ve noticed that during the day when the sun is shining and it’s so much hotter outside, the air conditioner runs more often. And I get cold. So I turn the thermostat up a couple degrees. When the sun sets and the outside is not so hot, the air runs less often and I get hot. So I turn the thermostat down a couple degrees. It’s the same actual temperature in here. In fact, it’s warmer during the day because I feel cold and raise the temp. And it’s a little colder at night when I feel hot and turn the air down. But the same overall temperature makes me cold during the day and hot at night. That just seems weird. I’m sure it must have something to do with the frequency of the cold air and the subjective feeling but…… it’s the same temperature.